Letters to the Editor
August 23, 2012

To the Editor:
Dear Mr. Farrell and Staff:
I compliment your report on our smallest park named “OSCAR DE FEVER PARK”. Even with the sadness of the stolen Flag our town remains true in honoring our Nation and our Service Men and Women.
Previous to our petite parks name, Oscar de Fever it was originally named “JOHN A GALVIN” honoring our City Attorney at Law, JOHN A. GALVIN who served our City 50 years, keeping John Galvin’s Park in memory. We would find Oscar De Fever before or after his business working hours toiling away to see it was kept presentable.
Being one of Fillmore’s first Parks and Recreational Commissioners, I found pride in this beautiful town, and our team, under the direction of ARTHUR HENRY, who walked every tree-planted parkway in our City and indexed every tree. We recommended some to be removed due to sidewalk damage, also blooming trees that dropped blossoms which caused slippery sidewalk conditions were removed. This lasted many years but now it has been forgotten.
Today many parkways are plant-cluttered which is an unnecessary problem when the auto-passenger tries to exit on the Parkway side. I note this especially across from the Trinity Episcopal Church, both Saratoga and 2nd Street. The Elders haven’t complained but we should be more accommodative to them.
The overgrown Cati-jungle at First Street and Central Avenue parkway, south-east corner, has become dangerous, especially to young children walking to school. I see some of them walking in the street to avoid those sharp piercing Cacti.
I hope our City still has jurisdiction over our parkways because more unattended plant owners don’t seem to be concerned.
With kindest personal regards,
Floreine J. Data