Letters to the Editor
August 21st, 2008

To the Editor:
I was a witness to something so terrible that if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. I was at an occasion; about half of the people were standing and the others were sitting in folding chairs they brought with them. I was in a large crowd of people getting ready to enjoy a presentation when our National Anthem was played over the sound system. I immediately stood up and placed my hand on my chest. I had a clear view of about two hundred people around me and soon saw that things were not as they should be. I didn’t see one person that was sitting stand. I didn’t see one person sitting, or standing, place their hand on their chest. Then an airplane flew by towing a huge American flag and still not one person stood, although I think their might have been some applause; mainly because it was spectacular, not because it was our flag.
This lack of patriotism was bad enough but of all places it was at the Camarillo air show, primarily with airplanes of WWII, and was in honor or our WWII veterans that gave their lives for us. There were many veterans of this era that were present and telling of their exploits. I can only hope they didn’t have the view of the persons that I saw.
Later I thought that if they had asked all the people to stand for the Nation Anthem most would have. We should not have to be reminded of our allegiances, if it doesn’t come from our heart and thoughts it doesn’t mean anything.
I am so saddened by this. I wonder what has happened to our loyalty to our country and to those that have made it what it is. Again, as I have said in many previous articles, what are we instilling in our children? For those that are religiously inclined please pray for us all.
John Heilman,
73 year Fillmore native

To the Editor:
In reply to Ms. Cuevas letter of July 31, 2008:
Ms. Cuevas as a citizen of Fillmore I would really like to contribute to your re-election campaign, however: 1. The El Dorado fiasco. 2. The Central Ave. disaster. 3. The North Fillmore development. 4. The New Sewer Plant. These are just a few.
I can't afford it nor can the City of Fillmore afford another four years of you and Mayor Conaway's leadership. Sorry!!!
Allan F. Hair,

To the Editor:
To the citizens of Fillmore: There is an old saying that "the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you're doing, and expecting a different result." Well, this November is our opportunity to stop the insanity and rid ourselves of the so called Mayor, Steve Conaway, Council member Cecilia Cuevas, and recall Council member Laurie Hernandez. We need a new City Council with new and fresh ideas for our little city, ideas that are best for the citizens of this town and not in the personal best interest of the current City Council. The current Council has proven over and over again that they have no interest in assisting the low income senior citizens living in Fillmore, or helping them in any way shape or form, much less doing what is in the best interest of all our citizens. Their interests have been only in spending our city's limited funds with their pet developer's building projects that we don't need, don't want, and can't afford, and paying top dollar for every project even though many developments could have been built for far less money. Why is this poor little city paying its city officials more money than most other much larger and wealthier cities in our County are paying for their officials? Couldn't be Cronyism could it?
I just pray that the citizens of our historic little town will finally open their eyes to the truths about the current City Council members, and the city officials, and realize who is really pulling all their strings. Let's take this opportunity to kick them out of office this November, clean up our city government, and replace them all with competent, honest, responsible, and caring officials who will listen to the citizens of Fillmore. City Council members who, rather than passing notes, rolling their eyes, and showing absolute disdain for the Fillmore citizens who voice their opinions at City Council meetings, will listen carefully and with fairness and respect. If they can't show respect, they sure don't deserve it in return.
David Reeves,

To the Editor:
Several years ago I attended several city hall and North Fillmore meetings on the proposed North Fillmore housing project and I asked several questions. I asked if the Sespe Levee was graded for homes to be built behind it. Bert Rapp answered the question with “for all that I know it is”. Now that FEMA has stated that area is a major flood zone, and I might add lots of locals stated that years ago, I would like to know where Bert get his information, is it the same place when he stated in a council meeting “that God knows when to stop raining’’? What’s going to happen when it does take out OUR tourism bridge all that money lost who’s going to pay for that, its time to plan ahead, by the way that’s more than next week.
In another recent letter to the editor on the Central storm drain project, Bert stated it was also needed due to flooding in the 3rd Street and A Street area in North Fillmore. The City did a fine job in fixing that problem 6 or so years ago and I haven’t been flooded out since; I live in North Fillmore, I should know. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the build out that ‘outsiders’ would like to do up Central along the hills? Oops!
I also attended a city council meeting about 12 years ago regarding a proposed housing project over in west Fillmore, also behind the Sespe Levee and asked this question; Is the sewer plant going to be able to handle ALL of the new proposed housing projects that the city is looking at? At that time I was informed by a city employee that worked at the sewer plant that it was already at 80 percent capacity, and the extra 20 percent is needed for rainy season. The city council answered that the sewer plant could handle all the proposed housing. I wonder if the city would have collected monies from developers for these projects that the burden on homeowners and local business would have been less, you think; it’s not rocket science.
Just who counts in town; outside developers, ones with the carrots on a string, or the towns people? I want to know. The citizens of Fillmore have been paying lots of good money for OUR city to be ruined by city management that has no vested interest in OUR town. So citizens of Fillmore at election time please ask/talk/research prior to voting and vote for people who will help pull Fillmore back to OUR town. Attend meetings, voice your opinion, they will have to listen sooner or later. Stand up and be heard! Let’s get Fillmore back on track. For the people, buy the people; remember that!
By the way Bert, would you let me know when to put pontoons on my house or maybe the lotto numbers? Thanks.
Tom Dawson,

To the Editor:
Thanks for your coverage of the people running for office in the Fillmore election. I want to take this opportunity to inform voters of my 2008 Election website. For those who may be interested in my political website, it is as follows: brooksforcitycouncil.com.
My efforts are elementary. However, the input is solely my own. Therefore, voters can get a feel for why I am running for a seat on the city council and what I will work to gain.
Jamey Brooks,