Letters to the Editor
August 20, 2014

To the Editor:
I hope this is the best forum to take the opportunity to thank so many of you for all the kind words, prayers and help as I dealt with my rattlesnake bite. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to all of you who visited, called, sent cards, made contact on social media and continue to give me well wishes when we cross paths. The community outpouring of support was beyond anything I could have imagined. I spent 5 days in ICU and another 9 in a regular hospital room. I was given over 100 vials of anti-venom, which looking back sounds like a lot. Two months later I feeling 90% back to normal. I want to thank Los Robles Hospital, the doctors and especially the nurses who provided my care. I want to thank my family especially my sister who got me in touch with a snake venom specialist out of North Carolina, Dr. Sean Bush who helped the team of doctors with my care. Thank you to Sheriff Jeff Dean & his staff, Fire Chief Rigo Landeros and department members, and Ventura County Sheriff Search & Rescue Captain Rick Neal & team for their support during my recovery. Like so many have said before me, it’s the people of this community who make it such an honor to serve as a State Farm Agent, Assistant Chief, and as member of the Ventura County Search & Rescue Team. Life changes fast! Enjoy and cherish the relationships and people around you. Thanks again to all of you.
Bill Herrera