Letters to the Editor
August 13th, 2009

To the Editor:
The recent city council meeting regarding the proposed initiative/ordnance showed Mayor Walker and councilwoman Hernandez are both guilty of misstatements regarding the February council meeting on rent control.
They both stated as reported by the Gazette mat El Dorado management had only abided by then- agreement for 15 days.
The agreement was that the management would offer residents a modified lease reducing the annual increases to no more than 3% or CPI which ever was greater. The management did everything they promised they would do.
All residents received notice mat if they wanted the modified lease to call the park manager and advise them. We did so and received a reduction to the 3% agreed to by the management If a resident did not contact management within a given time period, their lease was not modified.
This was the only promise made by management to avoid the rent control being considered by the council, so it is very apparent that Walker and Hernandez have a very short memory.
The rent control advocates advised their cohorts not to renew their leases, or the addendum, because if rent control came about the lease would preclude provisions of rent control from taking place.
All new leases since then have been at the 3% or CPI rate.
At least Walker and Hernandez owe the park management an apology for misstating the true facts.
Thank you.
Jim Heady