Letters to the Editor
August 12th, 2010

To the Editor:
Re: Don Gunderson (July 27, 2010)
I believe Mr. Gunderson misunderstands the process that is taking place. Here is the information you need to know. Sewer and water rates have to be increased to pay for the bonds and higher operating costs. Street sweeping costs were removed from the General Fund to help balance the budget. If approved by the voters, those costs will be added to their trash bill. All of the rate increases are subject to property owner approval via a ballot known as Proposition 218. The ballots will be mailed to all property owners in the next several weeks. There will be public hearings at the August 24th and September 14th Council meetings. Your protest ballot must be received by the City by 6:30 PM on September 14th.
I can only speak for myself but in my opinion the fate of these increases lies in the hands of the property owners of Fillmore and how they vote. If the ballot fails then the City will have to reconsider how to pay the water and sewer debt.
As you can imagine, I am also very unhappy about these increases in water, sewer or street sweeping. But, in the end, this is the budget that was presented to the Council. Many cuts were made and are likely still to come. The Mayor made extensive comments at the budget hearing and I agreed that it was important to make the Proposition 218 process easier for the property owners to participate in the vote. Also, our most costly litigation is the Sales Tax issue which was filed prior to the last election and pursuant to Council decisions made in 2003.
Gayle Washburn