Letters to the Editor
April 9th, 2009

To the Editor:
Where are the helmets?
(Reprinted from the VC Star with permission)
I am happy to see that we have places like this for our kids to skate, but I couldn’t help noticing that the photos showed some pretty amazing stunts being executed by skaters with not helmets! This not only gives kids a bad example, but, in light of the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson, it shows thoughtless publicity.
In Santa Paula, they have had to close the skate park because kids refused to wear helmets. It is not only the law, it is for their own protection. The rules are only as good as the enforcement. The message we are sending our kids is that it is OK to ignore laws that you don’t agree with. This is not what I teach my daughter.
Joe Spittle,
Santa Paula

To the Editor:
Vision2020's Civic Pride does it again!
This time with a Flower Show. For the first time in 11 years, Fillmore is once again in the flower business, thanks to Civic Pride's Linda Nunes and Joanne King and their dedicated helpers. They pulled together a display of flowers that would seem to have been a challenge, until you saw the quantity and variety of flowers entered. It was terrific. Kudos to the whole Civic Pride Committee for making "Fillmore Bloom Again".
Judy Dressler

To the Editor:
Mr. Stroh if you feel obligated to take credit for Measure I go for it. All I've ever asked is that the consequences of implementing Measure I be acknowledged. While my personal opinion differs from yours on this measure, I understand that the voters will is driving the bus. I don't agree with the direction of the bus or the cost of the bus. As an elected official I have an obligation to implement the measure based on the outcome of the election. How arrogant of two new council members, of which you actively supported, voting against implementing Measure I thereby ignoring the peoples will. Somehow you're pointing the finger of fault in my direction?
The Public is always welcome to participate in land use planning. To be truthful Bob your group, “Citizens for Responsible Growth”, participated in many sessions prior to final decisions. All one has to do is look at the comments provided in the EIR and the numerous meeting minutes for your participation in the process. You haven't been locked out and your suggestion that the public is not being heard falls flat on its face. I heard the public on Nov 4th. The same can not be said for the candidates you supported.
Like you, I agree and desire more citizen input in local issues. Having a balance represented at council meeting would be a benefit to all, but as you know, it’s seems that only one side is represented at meetings.
Steve Conaway
Fillmore City Councilmember

To the Editor:
And to Tom Dawson,
If development stopped 10 years ago a new sewer plant would have been required. Rates would have been much higher than they are now. New development lowers sewer rates, not drives them up.
The "mother of sewer drains" is actually a Storm Water drain. Two different things.
The “road to nowhere”, assuming you’re referencing B St, is being completed. This will help your 30 commute from the Fire Station to your house.
As for fixing our problems we're trying right now to fix Measure I so that the people get what they thought they were actually getting. We're trying to do it so other problems are not created and get city into trouble with the State. It would have been nice if the boat load of problems were fixed in a well thought out Measure I, but they were not. We're busy fixing the slim staffing at City Hall. We’re busy trying to locate the best candidate for City Manager. We have no shortage of problems and are trying our best. Please be patient. It just really stinks when you shoot yourself in the foot with bad public planning drafted in a private dining room and have to fix problems of your own making.
Steve Conaway
Fillmore City Councilmember

To the Editor:
Why does the editor of the Gazette feel that he must continue to attack Fillmore community members with hateful & malicious writings???? Now the attack is against Brian Sipes, a good citizen and successful local businessman. Mr. Sipes is an asset to our community and to those organizations in which he participated.
Our current city council has been respectful & businesslike in all of their actions so why does Mr. Farrell feel that he must continue with these personal attacks??
These are tough financial times for everyone but must Mr. Farrell continue to create mistrust & divisiveness within our community so that he can sell more newspapers???
Thank you,
Donna Cruz

To the Editor:
The owner of El Dorado Estates has filed an application with the City for a rezoning of El Dorado so that they can sell the residents the lots their homes are on. Those who buy their lots will have to pay their share of park maintenance, which is currently the owner’s expense.
Those who don’t buy their lots will continue with paying their rent with the addition of their share of the park maintenance fees. Those who are not low income will have to sign any lease the owner desires when their current lease expires. Those who are low income will be on State Rent Control once their current lease expires. Those who are low income will have trouble affording to have to pay their rent along with the new park maintenance fee, so they may not last long enough to see State Rent Control.
Last year we had an electrical problem that effected 1/3 of the park. It took over a month of work to fix. We had 3 large generators that powered 100 homes. The expense of this was enormous. If the Rezoning is allowed the residents would have to pay for anything like this that might occur.
The Rent Control Initiative will stop this terrible situation. We will be gathering signatures from Fillmore registered voters at Vons on weekend afternoons. Please come out and sign this important Initiative. If you can’t get there please call me and I, or a friend, will come to your home so you can sign. My phone number is in the book.
Dave Roegner