Letters to the Editor
April 8th, 2010

To the Editor:
I find it puzzling that an anonymous letter writer could be responding to a letter to the editor that was published on the same day. I refer to Gayle Washburn's letter on April 1, and the letter immediately following. Does this person who chooses to criticize and withhold his or her name have special access to letters before they are in print?
Susan M. Cuttriss
[The letter was submitted to someone who could offer another view to Ms. Washburn’s opinion letter. We have done this in the past when “facts” are being presented to the public and it is important for both views to be available in the same edition, without a week’s time lapse. An example of this would be with the Piru Charter issue. The Gazette submitted the Charter proponent’s letters/articles to the school district for a response to be published in the same issue. The goal in doing this is to present the public with both views on the issues. - the Editor]


To the Editor:
Support our local services
Today I received a very detailed advertisement from Pacific Aire, a company that sells and services furnaces and air conditioners. The advertisement was presented as a personal letter from "The Schneiders" in Camarillo. As far as I know, Pacific Aire is a legitimate company. However, the people of Fillmore and Piru should know that we have an excellent local company, Fillmore Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. which is owned by Mike VanDeMheen. Mike has taken care of my home’s heating and air conditioning needs for many years. He does installation, repair and service on all major brands. He is honest, very competent, and his prices are fair. Last week, I called him because my furnace wasn't working. He replaced the igniter. Would Pacific Aire have tried to sell me a new furnace because mine wasn't working? Probably. Mike and other repair people in Fillmore have worked hard to earn their good reputations. They understand that a good reputation is a must for a successful business in a small town. Before signing any contracts with a big company, get a local estimate. You may be very surprised. If you need heating or air conditioning work, call Mike at Fillmore Air Conditioning and Heating.
Mary Ford