Letters to the Editor
April 7, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion.
A couple of housecleaning items. Sidney Powell herself, through her attorney in the defamation suit, offered the defense that no one with any sense would have believed her arguments that the election was “rigged.” That’s what she thought of Trump’s challenges to the election results (and every last court in the country agreed with her). Some hero. Your attorney, after the case is over, tells everybody how idiotic her argument was on your behalf. Well, she and Trump do have something in common. They’ll betray anybody.
You argued that, even though it is considered improper, VP Harris should return the salute of the military in boarding Air Force Two. Who cares that people who really know say she that she should not. You sniff at her “frivolous misunderstanding of the military” and link it to Democratic “treachery.” Careful, Martin. At our ages, leaps like that can really play havoc with the knees.
In addition, a weapon can be something other than a firearm, plenty of which were found on the capitol grounds on January 6. Knives, pipes, fire extinguishers, flag staffs can also inflict harm and certainly hold the promise of it. The guy in Pelosi’s office was not “relaxing.” He was celebrating his takeover of her congressional digs. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
In case you are remotely interested, you can Google Sen. Ron Johnson’s comments about only fearing the January 6 mob if they had been black.
The only thing I will say at this point about Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is that we’ve all known jerks like that in high school or college. They’re all over everything and everybody and have no wish to control their appetites, under the influence or not, and are invariably proud of it. They are forever-boys with no character or interests outside their own (remind you of someone?). Even the Relicans, except for Gym Jordan who has significant ethics problems of his own, dislike Gaetz. He was the only member of Congress, Relican or Democrat, who voted against the “Violence Against Women Act.” Now we know why, but no one in his Party thought it odd.
I wouldn’t speak of him except he won’t zip it and he won’t go away. Former president Trump has been busy. He and the missus have offered themselves, for a price, to attend parties and glow in the dark. No policy discussions, that’s for rallies. They’ll just mingle and mug and vocalize his victimization. His organization in Mar-a-Lago (whatever it is and whatever plans) fixed it so people who donated once to his…it’s not a campaign, I guess it is a cause (him)… got hit with recurring donations without their permission. Once caught, the organization returned some of the money. He grifted, once again, his own base and they seem to be fine with that. Lollipop, lollipop.
Kelly Scoles,