Letters to the Editor
April 30th, 2009

To the Editor:
Saturday night my wife and I attended the Sespe Players The Pole Creek Radio Hour, what a joy. It was nice to go back to the Sespe Auditorium where we had been treated to some of the Players’ earlier productions several years ago. Many of the experienced Fillmore performers were in the show along with some very talented young people just starting out. It’s a tribute to the Sespe Players dedication and love of the art that their group continues to grow by encouraging and giving young people the opportunity to participate and develop their talent.
The Pole Creek Radio Hour lets you escape for a couple of hours to a very fun place with lots of laughs. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the last chance to see it if you missed it last weekend. We both left feeling that we would have been hard pressed to find a more enjoyable way to spend an evening.
Thank you Sespe Players for a wonderful show.
Bob and Joann Stroh

To the Editor:
Response to Fred Carpenter's letter of April 23.
The Rent Stabilization and Homeowner Protection Initiative has a large number of signatures from El Dorado residents already and we are not finished gathering signatures. The fact is that anyone wishing to NOT be under rent control can sign a multiyear lease and be exempt. That way you can have higher rent increases as you wish. Why should you care if others get a better deal when it is offered to you also and you refuse? And don't cry me a river about the poor multimillionaire owner not making more profits and losing rights. The initiative does guarantee the park owner a fair and reasonable return on her investment. The homeowners have property here too. Where are the homeowner's rights?
Our "small group" has turned out twice as many residents as your group has at City Council meetings in the past. There is a network of dedicated unheralded residents working hard to help slow down rent increases and save the homes of our seniors. These are caring people who want to help others in need. We are not criticizing others as your group does, we are here to help. Most of the seniors in El Dorado will not take action to protect themselves. It is a widely known fact that seniors often fall prey to the greedy and dishonest. That is why there are many laws at all levels of government to protect seniors. That is what our rent stabilization initiative does as well. We are still the only city in the county that hasn't given this protection to it's seniors.
Most spaces in El Dorado have a lease with 4.5% increases per year. Over 10 years at that rate, the rent nearly doubles. Seniors on fixed incomes do not get that great of an income increase and some wind up losing their home because of the rent increases. Add to this Fillmore's large utility increases and even more seniors are in trouble. How can you not want to help your neighbors?
The initiative will be available to sign on weekend afternoons at Vons east door. It is also at Super A on Saturdays from 5pm-7pm and Sundays from 1pm-3pm.
Dave Roegner

To the Editor:
In support of Fred Carpenter
I also live in the El Dorado Mobile Home Park and am tired of a minority trying to speak for the majority. This group has taken it upon themselves to declare themselves as the Voice of El Dorado. What gives them the right to call themselves that? It sure isn't the people here in the park. Only about 1/3 of the homes have signed on with the Home Owners Association, even after repeated and aggressive campaigning to get people to sign up.
This group has caused trouble and division in the park. We are now in a struggle to maintain and keep the life style that we moved here for. Because of them the owners of he park are looking to change the way the park operates, they aren't going to be successful because the residents have to approve the changes also and I don't believe they will do that.
Like Mr. Carpenter, I would urge the City Council to look twice at what is going on and decide to stay out of a matter that does not concern them and has no relevance on the governance of the city. I believe this is a local park issue that the people here need to address and handle, maybe by encouraging those that are so discontented to go somewhere where they would be happier, they'll never be happy here.
Michael Steel