Letters to the Editor
April 28, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion
Patti Walker criticized or observed, not sure which, that my opinions are not “equally levied.” Opinions, like faith, do not need to be anything in particular,’ not even reasonable, and certainly not equally levied or “fair and balanced,” the language for which Ms. Walker seemed to be struggling. It’s why Fox News gets away with the braying of someone like Sean Hannity, or the tick-tock, side-to-side eyes of a near-hysterical white nationalist, our snarling Tucky. I am not a journalist. I simply make observations and draw conclusions. You can agree or disagree. And Martin will appreciate it.
“What-aboutism” is still popular, apparently. “Trump was a ___ (fill in the blank) but Biden is a bigger one.” I have never been attracted to this line of argument. It is reminiscent of the school yard taunt of someone who doesn’t really want to argue at all but won’t concede the point. “Maybe Biden’s lies are the same “fake news”. Or maybe not. Is this a suggestion that perhaps Biden will prove to have the same low presidential standards as Trump? I think not, but time will tell.
A political situation of which you may wish to be aware is occurring in Arizona. Not content with the three prior recounts of the 2020 AZ presidential election results, none of which changed the original award to Biden, the AZ Relican Party has instituted yet a fourth challenge to be held in secrecy, no press allowed anywhere in the building, to be monitored by members of OAN (One America News), the network that makes Fox News look like a “serious, mainstream middle of the road news network.” ‘Cause truth and fairness are optional on this mission.
Governmental audits are conducted to a high level of analysis and protocol. The Yellow Book, of which I heard when I was on staff of the City of Fillmore many years ago, is not scheduled to be consulted by AZ Relicans in this process. This is a political operation with only one objective (regardless of facts) so why frustrate declaring AZ for Trump with a bunch of sissy standards?
AZ Relicans have assigned themselves the duty to “keep the Big Lie alive;” The idea that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. The idea that Trump’s January 6 Insurrection challenging the legislators who did not agree with their election fantasies was somehow an act of patriotism. Because only Relicans can rule.
Surely, this gang of politically schizophrenic junk yard dogs will soon declare their intended result (one hour into the "process' they declared clear evidence of fraud). I have to assume that some of these folks have loved ones who overlook their madness and care for them. Time for that intervention the family has been whispering about for the last five months.
Kelly Scoles,