Letters to the Editor
April 24, 2019

To the Editor:
The reason I am writing this letter is your April 17, 2019, comment on presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa undergraduate of Harvard, first-class honors in philosophy, politics and economics from Pembroke College, Oxford (Rhodes scholar), speaks 8 languages including English (Norwegian self-taught), Afghanistan veteran, 37-year old mayor of South Bend, IN for the last eight years. Religious and married. Whom God made gay. You do know that there is significant historical evidence that Aristotle, Socrates, Shakespeare, DaVinci, Michelangelo, and thousands of other remarkable human beings, including likely Abraham Lincoln, were homosexual or bi-sexual? Does this make them any less great?
It’s no one’s right to chastise you for your objection to the fact that Mayor Pete is gay, though your reaction to it seems extreme. It is just one aspect of a life lived well so far, a life of achievement, one devoted to public service and a willingness to serve further. True, Mayor Pete is not out there paying off porn stars, or separating children from their parents, or making the rich richer, or calling the Fourth Estate "enemies of the people,"or making up juvenile names for elected officials, or threatening our small farmers with bankruptcy under tariffs. No, Mayor Pete is offering for our consideration another way of looking at our country’s future. He appears to be resurrecting the Middle-America Social Justice Movement of the early 20th century. He may not be elected president, but his voice is worthwhile.
Close your eyes when he kisses his husband, Martin, if love offends you. And if you are troubled by the fact that he sees himself as the “wife” in the relationship, perhaps he just honestly thinks he’s the stronger partner. I’m not sure why it should matter to you. I think God can probably handle the soul of his child, Mayor Pete of Indiana.
Kelly Scoles, Fillmore


To the Editor:
Wednesday, April 24th, one of the saddest days I will ever experience. Our small community lost a treasure as Fillmore Christian Academy closed the doors. It has been my personal pleasure to work alongside this institution for 19 years as the director of Sonshine Preschool. Many of the students began their education experience at the preschool making the seemingly effortless transition into Mrs. Morgan’s kindergarten class. It was a privilege to watch these students transform, mature and graduate from preschool to elementary to Jr high.
The working environment between the preschool and the academy was indeed rare. We worked together so well that most of the community believed we were one school, not independent of one another.
Sadly as Fillmore Christian Academy sought to find another home, as the church on
Central Ave has sold, it was not to be. Between finding a welcoming establishment and then fulfilling the requirements of the City of Fillmore it was more that this little institution could achieve.
Thank you Fillmore Christian Academy for 26 years serving the Lord, the community and for all the love and lessons bestowed upon the students, parents and staff both past and present.
Joanna Van Why, Fillmore