Letters to the Editor
April 23, 2015

To the Editor:
Anyone who wasn’t able to attend the “Visions and Voices” celebration of Fillmore High School’s visual and performing arts last Thursday night, really missed a great evening. The students learned how to put together the gallery “opening” from creating the art, designing the programs, hanging the pieces, even providing chocolate covered strawberries to top off the experience! All the students circulated among the visitors to explain, help, and otherwise make one feel welcome. The performing aspect of the evening was also a great success. The high school concert band was magnificent, receiving several standing ovations. Mr. Godfrey, the band director, said that the band is one of the largest Fillmore has ever had - over 75 members - and could they play! The Ballet Folklorico dancers performed in the courtyard to a large, appreciative audience. I heard one visitor ask a dancer, “Are you really all from our high school?” He was understandably proud! And the performing arts were concluded with dramatic vignettes by the drama club, some with musical elements of solos, duets, and trios, and all spoken or sung from the heart. Thank you to all who worked so hard to put this together, it was well worth it!
Sincerely, Susan M. Cuttriss


To the Editor:
Regarding the discussion of loitering on Central Avenue at the April 14, 2015 Fillmore City Council Meeting:
Section 15.34 of the Fillmore, CA Code of Ordinances addresses loitering. Police officers can take enforcement action against offenders and can issue citations. Public alcohol consumption, public urination, and littering by loiterers have apparently already been observed. Why, then, is Chief of Police Wareham unsure about how to deal with this problem, asking the City Council for direction as to whether loiterers should be "removed by law" or by "cooperative means"? The City seems to be taking a very restrained approach to addressing obvious violations of the law. Do they really think handing out a pamphlet "explaining what is expected of people in public" is going to have any real effect? Why are they bending over backwards to avoid offending these people?
I avoid the downtown area if I possibly can, and this loitering problem is one of the reasons why. If the City wants to encourage more tourism downtown, they need to do a better job of enforcing the laws. Central Park has plenty of shade and seating for those who wish to sit and chat. The businesses on Central Avenue should have clear and unobstructed access for those who wish to actually spend money there.
Marjie Bartels