Letters to the Editor
April 13, 2023

To the Editor:

These last weeks have been like a Stephen King novel where a garish carousel goes rogue at 70 mph. The first ex-president was indicted, and the judge had to instruct the defendant not to attack officers of the court. The defendant then demanded that Congress defund the police, in this case the FBI. Republicans threatened that the indictment would skyrocket support for Trump. But popularity is not a defense to criminal prosecution. We are still nation of laws, not men.
The nation experienced once again the agonizing murders of children and staff, this time in a Nashville school, and the political disenfranchisement in TN of two Black Democratic legislators for breaching house decorum while arguing to save children from assault rifles in schools.

A new law in FL allows permitless carry with no requirements, including training. Orange County Sheriff John Mina objected, “somewhere along the line we stopped listening to law enforcement...Go ask the street cop what he thinks… It's going to make [our communities] more dangerous.”

I’m ready for a little amusement in politics and we had some of that, too. Apologies for the mirth, Martin.
There was Margie Green’s 60 Minutes interview where she proclaimed that all Democrats are pedophiles and “groomers” because they think it unwise to restrict references to sexuality to high school students. Margie apparently thinks that fifth graders are counting the days until their parents OK their curiosity about sex.

Or the ex-president supplicating evangelicals to identify Easter Week as The Trumpian Stations of the Cross. "One thing that I've always remained solid on, that is our faith, our religion, our Christianity, our beautiful Christianity," said the self-appointed poster boy for Christian virtue and fledgling mendicant.

The winner? Senator Lindsey Graham who materialized on the teevee, wailing about the ex-president who, having been accused of serial illegalities, and claiming he has billions, now “needs your [financial] help.” You would think that the resulting torrent of reprimand from both Republicans and Democrats would have persuaded him to tone it down.

Lordy no, y’all, this recently hatched televangelist did a full-on Jim Bakker overcome with pitiable blubbering. Send your prayer gift now! Still, it was a triumph for Trump’s borrowed beauty consultant who very nearly replicated the mango face and urine-hued hair. Lindsey is either ingesting something he oughtn’t, or Trump has something scorching on him.

I don’t care to know. It probably isn’t funny.

Kelly Scoles,
Fillmore, Ca.