Letters to the Editor
April 10th, 2008

To the Editor:
The downtown merchants need the help of all of your readers! We the citizens of the valley need to rally to the support of Fillmore's Central Ave. Businesses. The downtown district is only a little more than a block long, however it is the HEART of Fillmore. It along with the people of Fillmore is what gives us our unique atmosphere and our small town charm.
Did you know there is a great quality meat market (with the best prices) at Estrellas Market? It's on the corner of Main and Central. Or how about the best prices for Levis in all of Ventura County at Naders just down for the post office. There are some great places to find a gift at Poppy Mountain Antiques, Vintage Pleasures, The Scented Path or The Treasure Station. Need some Sporting goods or a good deal on hunting supplies then try Edison’s Up in Arms.
There is better coffee at the Coffee Boyd shop then you could find in Seattle! And why go out of town for your Computer needs when Element Computer is on Central Ave just south of Sespe Ave. Their prices and service are better than those guys in other towns.
The restaurants in downtown Fillmore are a great place to meet a friend. Whether you want country cooking at Mama Sues (across from City Hall) authentic Mexican food at La Fondita (just below the post office) or California cuisine at the Central Station Downtown Fillmore restaurants are sure to satisfy.
I did not mention all the shops like the kids clothing store, the photo studio or the furniture store with Elvis memorabilia so come up town take a look around and help out your neighbors. Do not let a little construction activity keep you away.
Roger Campbell,

To the Editor:
Re: Citizens of the Year--2007
It's nice to see the Fillmore Historical Museum finally get civic recognition via some Museum Board members receiving Citizens of the Year for 2007.
Reflecting and considering all the infinite work, dedication, and contributions of Board members, and others, during the 1988 Centennial Celebration, the 1994 Earthquake recovery, the Acquisition and Stabilization of the Landsite, the Moving of the selected Buildings beginning in 1994 through the efforts of the Building Committee, to re-establish the Fillmore Historical Museum/Depot back by the railroad tracks...Every Member of the Museum Board can be My Citizen of the Year!!
Kathie Briggs, Past President,
Fillmore Historical Society/Museum
September, 1986 - September, 1994

To the Editor:
Update on Grad Nite Live: I have been diagnosed with Myocardial Myopathy with 20 to 25% heart function with medication and care/rest they are hoping I can get to 60%. This means I will be stepping down from actively putting Grad Nite Live together. I'm asking everyone to help - get on a committee and keep GNL going we have a lot more seniors to keep safe on Graduation night. This organization has been successfully operating for over 17 years; over 3500 students have been kept safe so that they can have a future.
Please contact Annette Fox @ 805-794-9160 or e-mail: gamapiggie@yahoo.com and she will assist you.
We need all the help we can get...we have fundraisers we have to get organized for this class. We have only
$10,000 and we need $21,000 so we have to come up with $11,000 by May 15th, no later than Graduation on June 12th.
Thank you,
Raelene Chaney