Letters to the Editor
April 1, 2020

To the Editor:
In the tension and uncertainty of the times, it occurs to me that perhaps what is needed is a little humor, and, because there is so little of it to find, my letter will be quite brief. It doesn’t even have to be intended humor.
This week I found, past all the relentless appearances of the president disputing the scientists, doctors and governors regarding governmental assistance and response in this emergency, one really comical Tweet from the President of the United States. Mark this: the USA is not going to pay for the security for Harry and Meghan, if they relocate to LA LA Land. He has too much respect for the Queen. Because that is the kind of news our country is so desperately seeking at this difficult time for the Sussexes.
It’s a window on Trump's mind. Not the fact that the number of masks available are wildly insufficient (he suggested that somebody is getting them "out the back door" in NYC, that ventilators in federal government reserve are not all being released, and that the president rewards only governors and states that “have been nice to him.” Because, you know, “it’s a two-way street.” Google it.
The test of government is whether it resolves problems for the benefit of all the people. It exists for no other reason.
Kelly Scoles
Fillmore CA