Jose Vasquez (1936-2023)

Jose Vasquez (1936-2023)

Jose Vasquez peacefully departed on January 25, 2023, at 86 years old.
Born in El Paso, Texas - on May 4, 1936, to Jose & Paula Vasquez, he was the third child of a family of twelve.
Jose lived a beautiful life as a loving son/brother and was an excellent father/husband.
He attended Jefferson High School - where he played varsity basketball and graduated in 1954.
That same year, after graduation, he enlisted in the military and joined the Marines.
He was very proud of serving his country and shared many memories about his time on active duty.
Experiences he often spoke of were about a special mission in which he partook for three years.
In 1957 he started working for Phelps Dodge until 1961.
He married his only sweetheart Maria del Carmen Sanchez.
They met at Mount Carmel Church when he was just seventeen.
A year later, Jose continued his education and went to College in Big Spring, Texas.
In 1965 he and his wife moved to California, where he began to work for General Motors. He worked ten years for this company until he decided to work for RTD, which later became MTA. He stayed working with MTA for twenty years until his retirement.
Once retired, he and his wife decided to live in San Fernando, California - leaving their Fillmore home to their son Jose Juan.
Jose was very gentle and considerate, especially with the elderly and children. He read plenty of books and scripture to keep his mind well-informed on just about any subject, which he later shared in interesting conversations. He was devoted to the Catholic Church and served in many ministries such as altar server, and ministry of the Eucharist. He and his wife would prepare couples for marriage and assisted priests whenever they needed a helping hand.
In his heart, he adopted a loving family: Alma Rios and her six children Michael, Maria, Vanessa, Araceli, Enrique, and Keily who accompanied him his wife, and son from the very first day he entered the hospital until his departure.
Jose was preceded in death by his parents Jose & Paulita Vasquez, brother Jose Carmen, Sister Cecilia OSF, Sister Carolina OSF, and Sister Carmen. He is survived by his wife of 62 years Carmen, son Jose Juan, Sister Isabel, brothers: Patricio, Ernesto, Arturo, Fidencio, Javier, Alexandro, and numerous nephews and nieces, which he all cherished dearly.