John Wayne Wallace (1935-2020)

John Wayne Wallace (1935-2020)

John Wayne Wallace, a former teacher, left the "schoolroom" on November 4, 2020 in favor of teaching history and the U.S. Constitution eternally in Heaven.
Born November 12, 1935 in an Oklahoma log cabin to Tommy and Raymond Wallace, John spent his young years running wild with his older brother Oscar and his younger sister Barbara. The Wallace family moved to Fillmore, California when John was about 5 years old and several years later he attended Fillmore High School. John was a good athlete but had lost the sight in one eye when he was young so his parents didn’t want him to play sports and being an obedient son he didn’t. Wanting to still be involved in team sports what John did do was be the professional trainer for the Fillmore Flashes Varsity Teams.
John transferred to Chico State University from Cal State Fullerton in 1956/57 where he continued his desire to professionally train athletes. He continued taking classes in athletic training and spent summers being the trainer for a professional baseball team. At Chico State John reconnected with Nancy Moore, whom he had met a couple years earlier on a double date. When John began courting Nancy he changed his major to teaching. After all, he planned on proposing to Nancy and traveling around the country would mean time away from his lovely bride. John and Nancy ultimately married and the two lovebirds moved to Weaverville, California in 1961 where they set up house and John began his career at Weaverville Elementary School. He taught history, social studies, and civics for 35 years.
John loved Weaverville and would often go downtown to check in with various shop owners and discuss current events at the Post Office with friends. John was a leader in the community and would offer valuable nuggets of life wisdom and historical happenings to his students, strangers, friends and, of course, his family. In later years John was a Docent at the Jake Jackson Memorial Museum and delighted in giving tours to tourists and townfolk alike.
John taught generations of students at Weaverville Elementary. He will be remembered and missed for his leadership qualities, wise counsel and his great sense of humor. The latter was evidenced by his yearly display of community spirit directing traffic on Highway 3 in a bunny costume.
John is survived by the love of his life and wife of 62 years, Nancy; his daughter Janine and her husband Thomas; his son Scott and his wife Denise; his grandchildren Bradley and wife Nicole, Brooke, Corrine, and Derek as well as his great-grandchildren Henley and Harper. He is also survived by his brother Oscar, his sister Barbara, countless students and numerous honorary grandchildren.
A private funeral will be held November 13 in Roseville, California with a memorial to follow in Weaverville sometime next year.
Please make any remembrance donations to Weaverville Elementary School c/o Trinity Alps Unified, P.O. Box 1227, Weaverville, California 96093.