Welcome to Fillmore the Orange Rush Cafe

I had a meeting a couple weeks ago involving business for the Bardsdale Cemetery where I serve on their Board of Directors. Doug Basolo, the Bardsdale Cemetery Manager, asked me to meet him at the cafe located inside of William L. Morris Chevrolet, 1024 Ventura St., for coffee and to discuss some documents I needed to sign. Well I had to stop and think for a second because I had forgotten there was a cafe there and actually thought it was no longer in business, but off I went to meet Doug for coffee while he ate breakfast and I reviewed the papers he needed me to sign.

When I first sat down at Doug's table I was totally taken aback by the plate full of food he was attacking and the thickness of the Black Forrest Ham slice on his plate! Then a nice young man exited the kitchen and filled a cup of coffee for me and engaged me in easy conversation. As it turned out this was David Asher the co-owner and chef of the cafe now known as the Orange Rush Cafe.

Not that I know everyone in Fillmore, but it was obvious to me that David was, as they say, “Not from around here!” David told me that he had opened the Orange Rush Cafe in July of this year and so far he was pleased with the support he has been given. He told me he is from Orlando, Florida and since opening the Orange Rush Cafe he has come to know a lot of local people from Fillmore who frequent his Cafe. David told me that for now he is only open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. David did tell me he will start a dinner service on Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and will be open each Friday and Saturday after that. Impressed with this newcomer to Fillmore! I told David that I would like to write an article about his Orange Rush Cafe and promised him I would be back for lunch with my wife, Carolyn, soon.

I got to do just that Tuesday, October 2nd when Carolyn and I dropped in, unannounced, for lunch just before noon (and we paid for our meals). Already seated for lunch were Bill and Chap Jr. Morris and a number of dealership employees. The Orange Rush Cafe has two basic seating areas that can accommodate up to 49 people. Carolyn and I sat in what I would consider the main area of the Cafe where the small open stainless steel kitchen is located and visible from the seating area. The tables are covered with red and white plaid table cloths and seating is set for tables of two or four. The daily special is located on a chalk board located above the counter separating the kitchen from the patrons. I recommend checking that before you search the menu for what may sound good for your meal. But be sure to check the menu though even if you do order from the chalk board special because you will find it interesting and informative!

Carolyn and I were immediately impressed with the Orange Rush Cafe menu. Not only did the menu clearly spell out what each meal choice was, but the names attached to each meal were eye catching; breakfast favorites with names like the, B Street Breakfast Special ($6.99), Grimes Canyon Cowboy ($6.99) were obviously generously portioned to accommodate a hefty appetite at a reasonable cost.

The lunch menu titled, “Lunches to Fill More Belly's” boasted of a, Farmer's Wedge and Carolyn's choice, What a Ham ($9.99) and my choice, The Turkey Bacon Ranch ($9.99) turned out to be excellent selections! Each was generously filled with their respective meats and presented with either fresh fruit, or tater tots. Both Carolyn and I chose the fresh fruit and we shared our plates so as to experience both choices. Carolyn commented on the fresh, toasted, soft, sour dough baguette used to hold the meat as presented in a sandwich. And, I commented on how the “What a Ham” was pleasantly warm to bite into as the result of the melted cheddar cheese! We both liked each others choice for lunch and although we took the fruit home, we did finish our sandwiches and our pallets and appetites were satisfied!

After our meal Carolyn left to run errands (spouse code for shopping) and David joined me. I asked David how he found this location for his Cafe? David quickly told me that Fillmore found him and then went on to explain he actually saw that the location was available on Craig's List! David called the Morris Family and as part of his interview he cooked a meal for them which resulted in a positive impression and he and the Morris Family entered into a partnership!

I really liked David right away and I could tell this was no busboy who decided he could do it better than his boss at running a restaurant! I soon learned that David, 32 years, received his training at the The Art Institute of New York City where he studied Hotel and Restaurant Management and Classical French cooking. David also told me he has been involved as a partner in four restaurants before opening the Orange Rush Cafe.

David is engaged to Jenessa Clubb of Camarillo, who he met while he was a Chef for the Market Broiler in Simi Valley where Jenessa was a server. Jenessa helps him at the Cafe and he has one other employee helping with service to the tables. David and Jenessa will welcome a new baby to their family in March of 2013.

David tells me the Orange Rush Cafe dinner menu will consist of a choice of 5 entrees, 6 appetizers, four different salads, 7 different side options and 4 desserts. The Orange Rush Cafe serves beer and wine with a concentration on serving local beer and wine that David himself will seek out and bring in to be served with meals. The Fillmore Rotary Club currently meets at the Cafe on Wednesdays and David said he is available for other special events and parties being held there. I once attended a Christmas Party there when it was an Italian Cuisine Restaurant and it is a great location for that type of activity. I recommend that you call David at 524-2619, or drop in, to reserve your special event as the holiday season is rapidly coming upon us. I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed with your experience!

I would like to welcome David and Jenessa to Fillmore and wish them great success in their venture with the Orange Rush Cafe! Oh by the way while over in the drinks section of the menu notice one selection that I think we all will like the price of; “Smiles” are $0.00!