Sierra High School campus closer to becoming a reality

Trustees of the Fillmore Unified School District have awarded the bid for improving the flooring at the new Sierra High School site to Green Polishing Solutions. They will be leveling and polishing the existing concrete floors and all finished flooring as a portion of the building rehabilitation and modernization at the school, at 615 Shiells Drive.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mike Bush said that, “This floor is more durable and less expensive than carpet. It is similar to Terrazzo tile and very safe.”

The board also approved the construction agreement between Griffin Homebuilding Group, LLC and HVP Residential Development Company and Hearthstone Multi-Asset Entity CLP which will put in the roads and sidewalks for the new Rio Vista Elementary School. The District has $6 million dollars for the project, but the money will not be released until the work is completed.

A major item of the evening was a facilities update for Piru Elementary School. Rita Avila, a Charter petitioner, addressed the board. She wants the board to publish spending records for Piru School.
At the last board meeting another proponent of the Charter School effort, Adrianne Thiesing told the trustees that she had sent an appeal packet to the State Board of Education in Sacramento claiming there were multiple violations of the Williams Act at the Piru School. Board members discussed in depth the attention that had been given to the fire alarm system, the intercom system and the playing field. Board President Tony Prado said he walked the field to observe the condition. The complaint filed with the State said there were gopher holes in the field. “I think playgrounds are up to par,” Prado said. “I didn't feel endanged. Our kindergarten playground equipment looked nice to me. In comparison to Moorpark and Santa Paula fields ours look very nice.” A consultant hired by the County Schools Office had earlier reported to the FUSD that an inspection of Piru School found that “The condition of the facilities does not pose an emergency or urgent threat to the health and safety of pupils or staff.” Prado added, “Every board member is concerned about the safety of every child and staff members in every school.”

Thiesing thanked the board for giving her the opportunity to hear the testing of the fire alarm in kindergarten Room 4 on April 15. She added that she did not agree with the report from the County Schools consultant. She said she was also concerned about the aging phone system.

Bob Sube, who's in charge of maintenance, reported to the board that he investigated Thiesing's complaint about the fire alarm. He conducted two fire alarm tests on Thursday, April 15. He took sound readings in Room 4 just prior to and during the fire alarm test. He also observed that strobe lights in both Room 4 restrooms were working as intended during the test. He conducted another test the same day and the fire alarm system performed as designed and installed. Sube said he did find that the alarm bells were not loud enough in three rooms. He told the board that repairs are underway and will be completed by today, April 22. “Everything is in compliance as to the requirements of 10 years ago,” he said. The last major fire alarm system upgrade was in 1999 and DSA approved.

Bush asked Sube to test all of the intercoms at the school. “I noticed that all of the systems are outdated,” Sube added. “That's why I applied for the Williams Grant to help us get the alarm and intercom systems replaced. The State has not given us the money yet.” Bush told the Board, “We have contingencies for emergency preparedness. Mr. Sube will issue a written report when he has completed the fire alarm work and present it to the Board.”

At the end of the meeting Prado said he thinks each school in the district needs $1,500,000 for improvements and he issued a challenge. “I challenge Adrianne Thiesing to go out into the community and ask for $2 million dollar bond issues for each school,” Prado said.

A special meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 pm in the Board Room. A May 4 meeting is tentative. If it is held there will be a closed session at 5:15 pm and regular meeting at 6:00 pm. The last meeting in May will be May 18. A closed session will start at 5:15 pm and the regular meeting at 6:00 pm.