School District Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources reassigned

In a two-line email to the Gazette, dated September 9, Fillmore Unified School District Superintendent Jeff Sweeney has stated: “Evalene Townend has requested a reassignment from personnel responsibilities due to personal reasons. After careful consideration, I have granted her request for reassignment to a Director of Student Support Services and Special Projects.”

In order to take this action, a new title and a new position had to be created. This, at a time when teaching staff is being cut.

The Gazette has been thrust into a very bizarre scenario regarding Ms. Townend, ongoing for several months. Credible allegations of serious misconduct have been made against her, regarding false and inflammatory phone communications concerning a teachers union official, which has sparked legal activity.

The Gazette has learned that many teachers and other District employees, who are aware of the allegations, are outraged that stronger action has not been taken in this case. More information will be forthcoming in the near future. In the meantime, both the Superintendent and the Fillmore School Board have shown a marked reluctance to take meaningful action in this case. Though the Gazette has been interviewed by Mr. Sweeney and a private investigation firm employed by the School District law firm regarding this case, and has interviewed several highly credible witnesses, apparently regulations make it difficult for either the Board or our Superintendent to comment publically. In the event more information is not forthcoming from the District or the Board, the Gazette will release what information it has obtained.