School Board sending layoff notices to 25 Classified employees
Fillmore Unified School District
Fillmore Unified School District

FUSD trustees voted in a special Board meeting Thursday, April 22 to send layoff notices to 25 Classified employees.

The layoff resolution cited a lack of work or lack of funds as the reason for the action which takes effect at the end of the current school year. Most of the Reduction in Force notices are at Piru Elementary School, is waiting to hear if the application to convert the school to a Charter School is accepted by the State. Superintendent Jeff Sweeney said a hearing on that issue is tentatively set for May 5 in Sacramento.

“Cutting services at the site level is as close to the students as it comes.” said Luanne Brock, a District employee. But she said she was speaking as a citizen. Sweeney said, “We worked with the California State Employees' Association (CSEA) on this issue and it was brought out that some categorically funded positions might be eliminated. We don't know yet how all the adjustments will be made.” He added that the Fillmore Unified Teachers' Association and the CSEA bargained in good faith. “There are positions being eliminated because the funding is drying up,” he added.

Virginia De La Piedra, acting as Board President said, “The State is giving us less categorical money.” “The nature of State and Federal funds are always at risk for categorical jobs such as librarians and technology personnel,” said Sweeney. “School Site Councils at each school help plan how the money is spent at each school.”
Todd Schieferle, District Human Resources Director, stated, “We have not stopped talking with the CSEA. Schieferle also told the board that he was going to Piru School the next day to personally talk with each employee on the layoff list.

Sheila Duckett, an employee at San Cayetano Elementary School said, “Monies in the General Fund can be used in any way. San Cayetano School is losing $23,000 of library funds. Services directly to the students are drying up.” She also suggested that the District eliminate the School Resource Officer position, which she said would save between $75,000 and $100,000 a year. Sweeney responded that the Sheriff, the City and the School each pay a portion of the Resource Officer's salary.

De La Piedra said, “It's difficult for us as a board. Our main drive has been for the students. The staff is very important to us also, but the Charter has been taken out of our hands. In two weeks we will know what our next step will be.”

Bob Sube, Director of Facilities and Construction, told the Board that the District would save 10 to 20 percent on electrical work at a portion of the building rehabilitation and modernization work at Sierra High School. The board approved the low bid of $118,000 from Scott and Sons Electric. They also approved the hiring of Pacficom for $119,900 to do the low voltage system work at the school, including clock, bells, intercom, fire alarm and data.

The May 4 meeting has been postponed until May 11 due to the tentative May 5 hearing date in Sacramento for the proposed Piru Charter School. The May 11 meeting will get underway with a closed session at 5:15 pm and the regular session beginning at 6:00 pm.

There will be another meeting May 18.