City of Fillmore Fire Department
Significant Storm Event Anticipated to Impact the Santa Clara Valley
The Nation Weather Service has forecasted a series of significant storms slated to impact Ventura County over the next week. The anticipated storms are expected to bring between 6”-12” of rain to the Santa Clara Valley. Fillmore residents are being reminded to take preventative measures to insure their safety and property will not be compromised by this inclement weather. Residents are encouraged to identify areas around their home with a high historical propensity for flooding and perform preventative sandbagging before any hazardous condition occurs.
Sandbags may be purchased at reasonable prices from most any home improvement center. A limited supply of sandbags are available for emergency use only at the City of Fillmore Fire Department located at 711 Sespe Place in Fillmore. In the event flash flood conditions impact you or your residence and you require immediate assistance with sandbagging, please call 805-384-1500 and request the Fire Department respond to assist you with your emergency.
Residents are also reminded to stay informed of incoming weather systems by tuning to their favorite news source or visiting the National Weather Service online at