Salaries – Local city government compensation compared to state and federal

In order to make some sense out of City of Fillmore salaries for top and mid-management employees, the Gazette has provided a schedule of 8 federal legislative, executive and judicial positions, and salaries for all 50 state governors, together with the complete wage scale for all top and mid-management positions in the City of Fillmore. Discretion is suggested when making comparisons; remember, a few positions require graduate credentials, and that certain mid-level employees are especially valued for their dedication, experience, leadership, and competence. One size does not fit all.

May 15, 2007
Salaries -- 109th 1st Session
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
*as of January 2006
President - $400,000
Vice President - $212,100
Senate Pro Tempore - $183,500
Senate Majority & Minority Leaders - $183,500
Majority and Minority Whips - $183,500
House / Senate Members & Delegates - $165,200
Chief Justice, Supreme Court - $212,100
Associate Justices, Supreme Court - $203,000