Restoration nearing completion at the Pacific Coast Pipeline site
PCPL Site August 2014 Field Work Notice

Restoration is nearing completion at the Pacific Coast Pipeline (PCPL) site. During recent grading at the southern end of the site, soil contaminated with lead and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) was found when a concrete slab, buried about 6-7 feet underground, was encountered and removed. Routine confirmation soil testing as required by EPA showed that soil beneath the removed concrete did not meet cleanup standards. EPA has directed Chevron to excavate the impacted soil and, to support restoration completion, transport the material offsite for proper disposal. Approximately 500 cubic yards (30 truckloads) are being removed, pictured above. The work will take about two days and is expected to be completed before Labor Day weekend. Dust control measures are being enforced, pictured top is water truck. Photo date August 25.