New Military Banners For The Fourth of July

I am sure many of you, like me, drive up and down Central Ave, or Sespe Avenue, and have taken notice of the aging Military Banners! The Military Banners are proudly displayed as a way of showing the Santa Clara Valley Community's support for those who are sacrificing daily for us here at home as active members of one of the five Military Services. Considering the Military Banners are up in all kinds of weather 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and 365-days a year, for nearly five years, they have not really done too badly! Many citizens of the Santa Clara Valley Community have commented on the condition of the Military Banners and wondered if they could be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. A small committee consisting of Virginia A. de la Piedra, City Manager David Rowlands, Fillmore Fire Chief Rigo Landeros and Public Works Supervisor David Smallwood have been meeting to find the best way to refurbish, or replace the Military Banners. It appears, however, the only sure way to ensure the Military Banners are made to look new again is to replace them! To replace the Military Banners is very costly, but not an impossible task for this Community!

The City of Fillmore has a commitment from a corporate sponsor for a, yet to be specified amount donation, to freshen up the Military Banners displayed on Central Avenue and Sespe Avenue. The donation will, however, fall short of the nearly $13,000 needed to order and replace the approximate sixty-eight Banners now prominently displayed showing this Community's support for those who are currently serving in the military.

Virginia A. de la Piedra has for many years been the caretaker of this program and maintained the finances to order each Banner for our troops from the Santa Clara Valley. Virginia says that although there are still some monies left in the account there is not enough to match what the corporate sponsor is expected to donate for this replenishment program. Other donations are expected from Military Service Organizations, local Service Clubs, Businesses and private persons.

One of the difficult tasks for Virginia has been to keep track of those persons with Banners, now displayed, who may have left Military service and are no longer currently serving. If a family member of someone now displaying a Military Banner knows of their separation from the military Virginia would like to be notified so that a new Banner is not purchased for that person. Virginia can be reached at 805-524-4091, or by email, or by writing her, United Parents for Education, P.O. Box 220, Fillmore, CA 93016. The Banner now on display would be removed along with all the Banners and would be given to the family, or to the person no longer serving at a special ceremony in front of the Fillmore City Council.

As the time is fast approaching to order these new Military Banners it is again being requested that anyone wishing to donate monies to replenish the existing Military Banners with new Banners to do so by dropping off a check at the City of Fillmore, or with Virginia A. de la Piedra. Your donation is tax deductible and you will be given a 501 © tax identification number in a confirmation letter accepting your donation. It is also further needed the names of those no longer serving in the military so as not to unnecessarily purchase Military Banners that will not be displayed. Please be generous with your donations to show our currently serving military members that Fillmore, Piru, Bardsdale and the entire Santa Clara Valley continues to support them.