Local Alpacas Featured in Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl Sunday always comes with a high level of excitement, but one of the more anticipated parts of game day has little to do with the actual game. While most men sit glued to their sets, watching the battle for the NFL Championship, everyone watching anxiously awaits the next Super Bowl commercial. This will be especially true for one local family.

Earlier this month, Rancho Keleje Alpacas, owned by Leslie, Jeff and Jackie Warren of Fillmore, was asked to provide twenty alpaca for the filming of a commercial. Few details were provided about the nature of the commercial other than it was for Lincoln Motor Company. A search of the internet led to a surprising and unexpected answer. A YouTube video entitled “Steer the Script – Final Week of Shooting” filled in the all the blanks. It features some familiar faces....alpaca faces that is.

In the Lincoln’s first-ever Super Bowl spot, five crowd-sourced tweets – solicited by comedian Jimmy Fallon are meshed into one story line for the 60-second spot. The five tweets were selected from among 6,117 solicited by Fallon, who asked folks to send him tweets about their craziest road trips.

The upcoming commercial has created some problems on the ranch, however. According to Leslie Warren, some of their alpacas are upset they weren’t chosen to be in the commercial and the ones that went are demanding better hay and living conditions.