Kristen Dunst: Serving FUSD for 20 Years
Kristen Dunst of San Cayetano Elementary School. Photo credit Brandy Hollis.
Kristen Dunst of San Cayetano Elementary School. Photo credit Brandy Hollis.

Courtesy Brandy Hollis

One of the greatest things about small town living is personally getting to know our teachers. It makes us so unique from other towns.

Ms. Kristen Dunst teaches 1st grade at San Cayetano and I am habitual about requesting her for my own kids. She jokes around that on breaks and weekends she’s just Kristy from the block. She’s been with the district now 20 years and subbed a year before being hired on. That’s another nice thing, we have good teachers that not only live in Fillmore but they are here to stay.

I love that my little kids get the opportunity to have Ms. Dunst in first grade. My children have gone from kindergarten to her class with ease and comfort, to start being prepared for their educational careers with such fluidity that maybe my older children didn’t grasp before coming to Fillmore.

She is very creative and all about the Aloha and Hawaiian themes with school career readiness. I love that her class performs a ukulele Hawaiian themed song at the winter performances but also the kids take home a seashell decorated frame for their parents as a rite of passage in her class. I know I have mine put up every Christmas, adding my last seashell frame this year.

I’m nostalgic as I write this as I’m getting ready to see my youngest get an award, and reflecting this will be my last year having Ms. Dunst as a first-grade teacher. Thankfully, Kristy from the block is here to stay, and not only is she a great teacher, but also a quiet and kind community member who is willing to help when she can.
Congratulations, Ms. Dunst, on your 20 years with FUSD and hopefully more to come. You are appreciated and valued. Thank you for serving this community! Aloha!