Josh Overton Benefit Concert a Huge Success
(l-r) Josh, Erin and Inger Overton.
(l-r) Josh, Erin and Inger Overton.

Fillmore you did it again. If anybody wants to know why we are called the greatest little city in America, it was proven on Sunday, November 18th, at the Sespe Auditorium in Fillmore. Hermanos Herrera played at no cost for the Josh Overton Benefit Concert in front of a sell out crowd. The music was awesome and the love and friendship that everybody felt that night was even greater!

Chuy from El Pescador (donated the food for the event) said it best, "I am here because Joe did not ask for himself, he asked for his friend. It does not matter the color of your skin, it matters how much you are in need." No better words could have been spoken. Chuy, you touched us all that night, and thank you for all that you do, not just for this concert, but for all you have done for the people of Fillmore over the years. The food was great as always! We could never thank you enough!

The motto for Team Overton was, "Through the Laughter and the Tears, Team Overton" There were a lot of both Sunday the 18th. Josh and his wife Inger, along with son Ian and daughter Erin, were on hand to see the love Fillmore had for them. When Josh came on stage to a standing ovation, the tears were easy to come by. Josh and his family were deeply touch and thankful to all who were there. Talking to Josh later in the week (and by the way talking was something he could not do.), Josh said, "I was overwhelmed with the feelings I had standing there. It was the greatest feeling, seeing everybody, students, teachers, administers, the people of Fillmore, my family and friends. I will never forget it."

Then in the Fillmore way of doing things the laughter came next. Hermanos Herrera played the music and the crowd could not stay in their chairs. The dance floor was filled with a celebration of life and healthiness for Josh Overton. Even Josh got into the act by dancing on stage with wife Inger, and then again with Inger and Erin and some big guy who was having way too much fun. The crowd was touched to see Josh and Inger share a slow dance together to the music of Hermanos Herrera. Later everyone sang Happy Birthday to Inger while they brought out a cake for her.

What was great to see were the T-Shirts the people were wearing that day. The shirts were the idea of Judy Fairall. With the help of Team Gear Up out of Fillmore, Judy and Jason (Popcorn) came up with a idea for the shirts. Jason of Team Gear Up kept the cost as low as he could so that Team Overton could make as much as possible, and to keep the cost to you as low as can be. We will still be selling shirts for $10 at the student store at Fillmore High School until Josh returns back to work sometime in February 2013. Again a big thank you to Judy Fairall and to Team Gear Up out of Fillmore!

At the end of the concert, Josh came out and wanted me to say a few thank you’s to the crowd. Then Mr. Mesfun, Fillmore High School Principle, came on stage and had so many kind words to say to the people of Fillmore and the Overtons. He held off from going home to Oakland to be with his wife for the Thanksgiving Holiday so he could be with his friend and teacher Josh Overton.

This kind of event could never have been held without the help of so many people. Josh and Inger would like to say thank you to all the students at Fillmore High School and Ventura College Business Class for the sale of the tickets; to Team Gear Up for the T-Shirts; to Lynn Cole for all of her help in the Student Store; for the Team Overton committee of Brandy Nisbit, Drew Ferguson, Judy Fairall, and Joe Woods; to the A.S.B. of Fillmore High School for the trip to Disneyland for the Overton Family; to the Lions Club with the donation of the cost of the rent of the building; to Pepsi Cola in Ventura for water and soda; to Attractions Spa in Fillmore for the $70 gift Certificate for the raffle; and to Rose Martin for the beautiful birthday cake she donated for Inger; and to Chuy at El Pescador in Fillmore for the wonderful burritos and the five $20 gift certificates and the touching words and friendship. And most of all to the Hermanos Herrera Band. Your kindness to the Benefit Concert and your great talents will never be forgotten. Thank you all to who were there and shared this great event in the Greatest Little City in America, Fillmore.