The Groves wants fast-food, not restaurant

Fillmore's Planning Commission held a meeting September 17, 2008, at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. Community Development Director Kevin McSweeney updated the Commission on various projects throughout the city.

The Commission approved changes to the plans for the upcoming Longs Drugstore, which will be located in a shopping center to be built on the corner of C Street and Highway 126. Longs will have two drive-thru windows. The inner drive-thru will access a bank-style window in the side of the building and can be used for pharmacy consults as well as prescription pick-ups. The outer drive-thru will access a pneumatic tube that customers can use to drop off prescriptions. Allowing two drive-thru windows, instead of one, will significantly reduce the number of cars waiting in line. The Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Longs to sell alcohol, and adjusted a previously poorly-described lot line so that the store would sit on its own parcel.
The Commission discussed a Right-to-Farm Ordinance, which would protect agricultural businesses from nuisance suits by their neighbors. The Ordinance was modeled after a Ventura County law that applies to neighborhoods on County land. The Ordinance would require that in agricultural areas realtors notify potential purchasers and users of land about potential nuisances resulting from area agriculture. Nuisances could include dust, noise, insects, smells, and chemical exposure. The County Agricultural Commissioner would mediate nuisance disputes between farmers and nearby residents. As City Attorney Ted Schneider wrote in the relevant memo, "right-to-farm ordinances mainly serve to inform and educate residents about the local value of agriculture." The Commission recommended that the City Council approve the Ordinance at the next Council meeting.

McSweeney notified the Commission that the pool and skate-park are on schedule. The Groves wants to change its zoning so that it can harbor a fast-food place instead of a restaurant. Many retail and residential projects are moving forward.