Firework Sales & Safety
City of Fillmore Fire Department

Before You Sell
- Upon inspection and approval by the Fillmore Fire Chief or his designation officials, fireworks sales may commence beginning June 28" 12:00PM — July 5 12:00PM.
- Inspections will be conducted beginning June 27" by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please contact Fire Chief D. Keith Gurrola at (805) 558-0932.
Inspection Check List – Fire Safety/Egress
- 5 Gallon bucket with water at each point of egress.
- Charged water fire extinguisher at each point of egress, or no less than a 4 lb ABC.
- Clear and open walkway to all points of egress. Area should be kept clear of product and trash.
- DO NOT store cardboard boxes adjacent to the fireworks stand. They ignite easily.
- Dumpsters should be placed a minimum of 50 feet from the fireworks booth. If possible, lock the dumpster.
- All flammable weeds will need to be cleared a minimum of 100 feet from the booth and Storage.
- No parking within 15 feet of any booth.
Inspection Check List Signs
- No smoking signs posted in both English and Spanish on all sides of the booth.
- Minimum age to purchase signs posted on all sides of the booth.
- Post signs provided by Fire Department regarding illegal fireworks.
- Do not place signs within 12 feet of the highway unless you have an encroachment permit issued by Caltrans permitting you to do so.
- Signs will be disposed of with out question by Caltrans if encroaching the right-of-way.
- No flashing signs, strobe lights or any other colored light device shall be place around the booth.
COVID-19 Signs
COVID -19 Prevention (Operators)
- Fireworks sales organization will register with VC Reopens (Ventura County Reopens}
- Complete and implement a COVID Prevention Plan:
- Guidance for employers and employees
- Guidance for customers
- City will coordinate with each Fireworks sales operator in registering at VC Reopens
- Site inspections to ensure COVID Prevention Plan Implemented
- Standardized Plan for uniformity and effectiveness in each operation
- Flyers to be provided for posting on-site on registering
Inspection Check List Information Cards
- Please distribute one information flyer to each individual purchasing fireworks at your booth.
1,000 flyer will be provided to each booth.
- It is anticipated that booths will run out of flyer SO avoid wasteful situations due to the limited quantity.
Inspection Check List Electrical
- All electrical must be hardwired within the booth and enclosed in electrical conduit, unless otherwise approved by the Fire Chief.
- The use of extension cords within the booth is prohibited.
- Items requiring electricity should be plugged directly into a surge protector with out the use of an extension cord.
Inspection Check List On Site Storage
- All storage containers must display a 1.4G explosive placard on all sides of the storage container.
- Storage container doors should not open in the direction of the fireworks stand.
- Storage of fireworks off site is prohibited.
Inspection Check List On Site Security
- Campers for security only should be parked at minimum 50 feet from the fireworks booth.
- The entry/exit door of the camper should face away from the fireworks booth.
Inspection Check List Sales
- Minimum age to purchase fireworks is 16 years old. When in doubt of age, be sure to card! It is a misdemeanor to sell fireworks to a minor and will also result in the closing of your booth.
- Minimum age to sell fireworks is 18 years old.
- All COVID-19 precautions and protocols must in place and followed.
- Parents should NOT bring their children to the firework stands while working shifts, especially due to the current COVID-19 protocols.
- All individuals not working should also refrain from loitering outside the booth entrance.
- No other item may be sold at, near or around your booth. I.E. T-shirts, snow cones, etc.
- No sales gimmicks.
Inspection Check List Discharging Fireworks
- Fireworks may not be discharged within 150 ft of firework stands or storage.
- Used fireworks should be properly disposed of; no closer than 150 ft of fireworks stands or storage.
Operate a Tight Ship…
- Choose your help wisely.
- Be suspicious of strangers who volunteer to work at your booth.
- Obtain thumbprint on all checks accepted as well as drivers license information.
Fraud Detection
- Inspect all bills received to insure they are genuine U.S. Currency.
- Use counterfeit detector pens
- Currency bill scanners such as fraud fighter UV light
- When and if and doubt call. For emergency situations please call 911. For non-emergency incidents, please contact the Fillmore Police department at 909-524-2233. Do not risk your safety for fireworks.
Illegal Fireworks
- The only fireworks permitted for sale/possession/discharge in Fillmore are State Fire Marshall approved “Safe & Sane” fireworks.
- Safe and Sane Fireworks will always display the State Fire Marshall’s Seal directly on the firework or its packaging.
- If your vendor does not provider it, do not sell it.
- Those found in possession, discharging or selling non-approved fireworks will be cited and fined $1,000!
- Ventura County and Fillmore PD are capable of issuing citation for fireworks violations.
- If you see illegal activity occurring with fireworks regardless of the magnitude or severity contact fire officials immediately!
- Report activity to the Fireworks Tip line at (805) 524-1500 ext. 350 or call (805) 558-0932.
Be Safe & Good Luck.