Fillmore Graduates to Premiere film at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
"The Monsters Without" film to premiere at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.
"The Monsters Without" film to premiere at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Fillmore High School graduates Randal Kamradt, Andrew Reilley, and Nicholas Medina are set to premiere their exciting new film The Monsters Without this October at the prestigious Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. An action-packed adventure through the Philippines featuring terrifying and amazing creatures from Filipino Mythology, The Monsters Without is the latest film from writer/director Kamradt (Faraway). The film features an international cast led by Jake Macapagal (Metro Manila, Watch List) including Reilley in a supporting role as Richard, an inventor, and Medina as voice of the monstrous villain Nameless.

The story is about a scrappy international team of scientists and mercenaries called P.H.A.S.E. who resolve to keep man and monster-kind safe.

Kamradt and Reilley traveled with a small team to the Philippines in 2017 and shot the film on location for 28 days. The complex shoot included filming in the beautiful Hindang Caves, working with dozens of extras, and extensive monster make-up. Reilley played multiple roles, not only appearing as Richard but also undergoing a complete make-up transformation to appear as The Kafir, a legendary creature. Once filming was completed, Medina contributed his vocal performance as the main villain.

A lengthy post-production process followed, as Kamradt created over 100 visual effects shots for the film. This included adding new computer-generated creatures and augmenting many of the real locations with otherworldly additions. During post-production, Kamradt also became Fillmore High School and Middle School's Video Production teacher, hoping to share his expertise with students and contribute to the town that raised him.

The Monsters Without is a thrilling love letter to genre cinema and the beautiful Philippines islands. The film will premiere on October 1st, 2021 at the Regal LA Live theater as part of the 37th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. For more information visit