Fillmore Flower Show a Blooming Success
(l-r) Mark Ortega, Amy Berger, Bene Ambrosio, Linda Nunes, Joanne King, Michelle Smith, Lauren Berger, Jan Lee, and Coleen Chandler.
(l-r) Mark Ortega, Amy Berger, Bene Ambrosio, Linda Nunes, Joanne King, Michelle Smith, Lauren Berger, Jan Lee, and Coleen Chandler.

By Jan Lee

After a 2 years being closed for public safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitors and spectators turned out to see the beautiful displays at the Fillmore Flower Show.

The City of Fillmore Civic Pride Committee volunteers planned and worked over several months to accomplish the Flower Show. Local gardeners, from the very young to seasoned experts, brought their prized flowers and plants to share with their neighbors. It was amazing to see the diversity of entries; common native plants and blooms to exotic varieties from around the world. The sense of pride and enthusiasm from the gardeners was contagious. Thank you for sharing your “beauties” with us!

We congratulate the following top of division winners:
Division I, Rose: Joanne King, floribunda rose, Fourth of July
Division II, Iris: Michelle Smith, bearded iris, cinnamon
Division III, Other Flower: Mark Ortega, pink amaryllis
Division IV, Bouquets: Linda Nunes, pink roses
Division V, Arrangements: Coleen Chandler, snowball viburnum
Division VI, Miniature Arrangements: 4X4 inches, Jan Lee; 10X10 inch Amy Berger
Division VII, Potted Plants: Bene Ambrosio, crown of thorns—BEST OF SHOW!
Division VIII, Dish Garden: Mark Ortega
Division IX, Youth Arrangement: Lauren Berger
Division X, Youth Composition: Isabella Minjares

We especially thank everyone who took the time and effort to enter their plants and flowers who did not win top of division. What kind of show would it be with just 10 displays? There were a pincushion protea and a king protea that attracted a lot of attention. The succulents and cacti in the potted plant division were beautiful this year. The judges were quite impressed! Roses took a beating in the hot weather and wind just a week before the show, but there were still dozens of roses in many lovely colors. Many visitors had never even heard of a snowball viburnum before this weekend! The bouquets and arrangements gave all attendees a chance to see how nature’s beauty can be enhanced by the hands of creative people. All the effort was greatly appreciated.

We had many youth entries this year. It was fun to watch these young artists arrange their flowers with special extra items to express just exactly their vision. Ms. Doris Nichols, art teacher extraordinaire at Fillmore Middle School, displayed the wonderful floral art created by her students. Amelia Aparicio brought art and compositions from participants in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. There were compositions from all schools in the Fillmore School District. The judges had a hard time picking just one winner. Way to go students! (and the teachers, parents and group leaders who help and encourage them).

The cafe with sweets and fruity tea was popular. The plant sale was successful. Many youth took home a succulent of their own. Each day there was delightful, live background music provided by accomplished musicians. Saturday, flautist Deven Leon played for us. Sunday, guitarist Barry Cooper provided the music. Thanks to both of them.

A HUGE thank you goes to the vendors who donated items for the door prize drawing. They are: Diamond Realty & Investments, El Pescador Restaurant, Green Thumb Nursery, Meguer Ditchian/ Tracks; King & King Ranch; La Flor Bonita- Rosa Agraz; Los Altos Estilo Jalisco Restaurant; Nancy Cope Jams & Marmalades; Otto & Sons Nursery; Roan Mills Bakery, Sandi Ward’s Train Stop, Teresa Norris; The Treasure Station; Vallarta Restaurant; Yanni’s Restaurant. Be sure to thank them when you stop by to eat, buy something or invest. A special thank you to Otto and Sons for all the roses and plants to decorate the room.

One more thing, it was fun to listen to some of the comments as people walked around looking at the plants and flowers. A child said, as he rushed from table to table, “Oh Mom! Look at this! Did you see this one? Oh wow! How pretty!” There were families and friends seen in deep discussion as to what type of flower this could be. “I have never seen this before.” “Look and see who grew this.” “Oh, I have one like that.” “This is great!”

If you missed the Fillmore Flower Show this year, we will do it again next year. If you participated, thank you. Fillmore is a special place filled with talented and generous people. Congratulations!