Fillmore Annual Weed Abatement Notice

All properties located within the city limits of Fillmore are due for abatement of hazardous dry grass/brush/weeds that could carry and sustain a fire capable of threatening residents and their homes or other property.

The large amount of rainfall received this past December combined with several weeks of hot dry weather has created a dryer and earlier than normal potential fire season. Historically our residents have been noticed to have their dry weeds cleared by June 1 of each year. Property owners are again noticed to have the weeds cleared before June 1st, but the Fillmore Fire Department is asking that all property owners try to clear all weeds as soon as possible.

In addition to the annual weed clearance, the Fire Department is asking all property owners to pay special attention to any palm trees that they may have on their property. Dry palm fronds on the tree or on the ground are very hazardous when caught on fire. Every attempt should be made to keep palm trees free from dry fronds. If you have a palm tree with a large accumulation of dry palm fronds, advice should be sought on the best method of removal.

To help facilitate weed and brush disposal, your Fillmore Fire Department has teamed up with the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council, to offer up a free Community Hazardous Yard Waste Disposal event will be held on Saturday May 7th from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM at City Well #4, 728 Goodenough Rd. Only vegetation will be accepted, no trash, metal, or other debris. This is a great opportunity for free disposal of any tree trimmings or any other vegetation.