FHS Senior Ian Gaven Patrick McKeown enters US Army's Delayed Entry Program
Ian Gaven Patrick McKeown. (Color photo coming soon)
Ian Gaven Patrick McKeown. (Color photo coming soon)

Imagine, or can you remember, being seventeen years old and in your senior year at Fillmore High School (FHS). Your Senior year at FHS means being busy with studies, school activities and stressful long hours trying to figure out what your future will be like! One FHS senior has already decided his immediate future by setting a goal and has taken steps to get to that goal. FHS Senior Ian Gaven Patrick McKeown, 17 years, finds himself in just that position. Although Ian still has nearly seven months until graduation with the class of 2010 he has already enlisted in the United States Army Reserves and this past summer attended United States Army Basic Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma . Ian, now United States Army Reserve Private Ian Gaven Patrick McKeown, attended Piru Elementary School, Fillmore Middle School and was active in the Future Farmers of America.
Ian is the son of Stephen McKeown and Lori Schnieder of Fillmore. His siblings are Erica Stout 37 years of Germany whose husband Shannon is a Sergeant First Class stationed in Germany with the United States Army and currently deployed, Michael McKeown 31 years of Fillmore, Aimee McKeown 28 years of Fillmore, Patrick Wing 28 years of Arizona, Morgan McKeown 24 years of Arizona, Erin McKeown 22 years of Fillmore, Caitlin McKeown 20 years and stationed at Fort Meade in Maryland with the United States Air Force, Brian McKeown 18 years of Fillmore, Sean McKeown 16 years of Fillmore, and Paige McKeown 7 years of Fillmore. Ian's paternal grandmother is the late Joan McKeown and his maternal grandparents are Leori Schnieder and Alvin Schnieder of Oklahoma.
Private Ian McKeown has followed into military service brothers Michael McKeown United States Air Force, Patrick Wing United States Marine Corps and sister Caitlin McKeown United States Air Force. Ian's brother-in-law Curtis Kniffen is a Senior Airman with the United States Air Force stationed in Arizona.

Private Ian McKeown is participating in the United States Army's Delayed Entry Program. The delayed entry program is a great option for students that still have to finish high school. The only requirement is that you must be at least 17 years old. In order to be a part of the program, you will have to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) military test and go to a military entrance processing station to do a physical and pick the job you want in the Army. The ASVAB is made up of verbal, math, and technical tests. Your score is one of the main factors determining what jobs will be available to you. It is a great advantage to pick your job well in advance to make sure you are reserved a seat in Advanced Individual Training(AIT) since some jobs have a limited numbers of openings. For his Cargo Specialist job Private Ian McKeown had to score of 90 in the aptitude area of General Maintenance.

At Fort Sill Private Ian McKeown's Basic Training partially involved Basic Combat Training. Basic Combat Training transforms volunteers (in an all voluntary military) into Soldiers who demonstrate the requisite character, values and possess a warrior spirit. A recruit has to be competent and confident in his/her war fighting and technical skills; and be someone who can successfully contribute to their first unit of assignment.
After graduation from FHS Private Ian McKeown will report for 8 weeks of AIT training at Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia as a Cargo Specialist (88H). The Cargo Specialist responsibility is ensuring the safe arrival at the correct destinations of any and all Army cargo. Cargo Specialists load and unload supplies and materials using equipment such as forklifts and cranes, as well as plan and organize loading schedules.

Although Private Ian McKeown is still seven months away from leaving Fillmore for Virginia the Fillmore/Piru Communities would like to wish him safe travel, a long and successful United States Army Career. We would like to thank him for his commitment to service and the sacrifices he and his family will make in the future. United States Army Private Ian McKeown is truly an American Hero!