Elderly Woman Fires Warning Shots at Trespassers

On Saturday, October 5th at around 4:40 p.m., shots were fired to warn a group of hikers on private property near a remote canyon Piru. At about the same time a car crash and an injured woman were reported near the Holser Canyon Fire Road location.

An 89-year old woman, who lives in the area, saw a group of trespassers walk onto her property. Feeling alarmed she armed herself with a rifle and gave warning shots away from the group of nine. The hikers were part of a survival training group from a nearby shooting range.

The group, including an off-duty CHP officer, began to leave her property. She proceeded to follow them down the road in her truck, and leveled her rifle at them.

A member of the group opened the woman’s truck door and tried to wrestle the gun away from her. Her foot came off the brake, she fell from the truck, the truck ran over her ankle, and proceeded to roll off a cliff.

Airlift units were called and the woman was transported to the hospital for her minor injuries. No other injuries were reported. Neither the woman nor group pursued charges.