A debt we can never repay, The one we owe our mothers

We live in a world that loves observances. Holidays are established to recognize presidents, religious leaders, discoverers, laborers and even ground hogs and fools. We observe Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Veterans Day. There are celebrations for New Years Day, Valentines Day and Easter.
There is one observance that deserves the place of honor above all others on that the list - a day that is set aside to honor the person who is responsible for all the good that exists on the planet. The person that God himself has chosen to be His co-creator of life. That person is your mother.
One might ask, “What about Jesus or Mohammad?” The simple answer is that even they would not have been born into this world without a mother.
When I contemplate, “What is God’s greatest gift to mankind?” I can only conclude that no gift could be greater than the gift of our mothers. Anything that we have, anything that we achieve, anything that we hold dear is the direct result of a loving and unselfish mother. A mother who willingly goes through months of discomfort in pregnancy, hours of almost unbearable pain in labor and childbirth, and years of never getting a good night’s sleep, to give us our chance on earth. A mother who had a choice as to whether or not we would be allowed to exist and opted to bring us into the world in spite of the options open to her. A mother whose sacrifices for us were so great as to defy comprehension. A mother whose chose our life over her own.
I recently had the opportunity to meet with a young couple and their beautiful little three-month old daughter. As the new mother looked into the eyes of that recent little arrival from heaven, and the little angel looked back into her mother’s eyes, I witnessed a mutual, unconditional and pure love that is without equal. There is a scripture in the Book of John where Jesus instructs: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” The love shared between that mother and her child is the nearest thing to Christ-like love one will ever witness or experience.
As I continued to watch the mother and child it became readily apparent, even though the infant had no knowledge of where she was or what was occurring around her, that there was an undeniable bond of love between her and her mother that allowed her to identify the sight, sound and very presence of her mother above all others in the room.
It is somewhat ironic that the most beautiful, the most loving, and the most mutually satisfying times of our lives spent with our mothers have been withheld from our memories. They occurred during the first few years of our life and, therefore, only our mothers have the ability to recall them. Those memories cannot be explained to others because there are no words that can adequately describe the beautiful and sacred experience that they shared.
A great many dying individuals cry out for their mothers as their time on earth comes to an end, even though their mothers may have preceded them in death decades earlier. One cannot help but think that perhaps those lost memories are restored and the dying individuals are reaching out to the one person they know, with a sure knowledge, will provide them with peace, comfort and unconditional love.
If a mother’s love could be duplicated and instilled to every person on earth there would be no wars, no crime, no divorce, no dissention and no greed in the world. But fortunately, as long as there are mothers, there is also a chance that this world might just be able to reach a point where it can actually be designated as civilization. Each time a mother brings a new life into the world it is a manifestation from God that He has concluded that there is still justification to allow the world continue.
Mothers should certainly be honored more than one day a year. They should be revered and cherished and placed high on the highest pedestal each and every day of their lives. One can never come close to repaying his mother the debts he owes her, however, that doesn’t mean he should ever stop trying.