Council warned of consequences of new flood map
At the city council meeting Tuesday night Grad Nite LIve was presented several checks totaling $4750. Pictured above but not in order: Toby Waxman, Raelene Chaney, Roger Campbell, Shirley Spitler and a representative from Toussig & Associates.
At the city council meeting Tuesday night Grad Nite LIve was presented several checks totaling $4750. Pictured above but not in order: Toby Waxman, Raelene Chaney, Roger Campbell, Shirley Spitler and a representative from Toussig & Associates.

City Council began Tuesday’s regular meeting with a 45 minute executive session over issues relating to anticipated litigation. No announcement was provided concerning that meeting.
June 9 through June 15 was designated United States Army week in the City of Fillmore.
A fee adjustment rate increase for Santa Clara Disposal Services (Harrison Bros.) was unanimously approved. The Harrisons were thanked for the many things they do for the City, including Clean-up Day.
Considerable time was spent explaining the complications involved with options regarding the referendum filed against City Council Resolutions 08-3111 and 08-3112 to reconsider the approval of the Reider Project, located at the corner of “A” Street and Goodenough Road in north Fillmore.
In the opinion of City Counsel, the referendum is “probably” unconstitutional because it seeks to amend administrative acts rather than legislative, but, by law the City must take action on the referendum. According to City Counsel, this sets up a scenario whereby the City could sue the proponents of the referendum, the proponents could sue the City for not acting, and the developer could sue the City for denying his plan which has been approved, with a valid development permit.
Council chose to place the issue on the November Ballot for residents to vote on. It appears that the Reider development cannot be stopped at this point, regardless of the election outcome.
Councilwoman Cecilia Cuevas took to her soapbox to vent against what she described as “Ballot box [city] planning.” Fillmore resident Clay Westling countered during oral arguments, stating that the referendum was necessary because “you wouldn’t listen to us”. The objection to the Reider development was primarily due to its density, not the fact that it included low income housing. The density question, which the city repeatedly ignored, necessitated, according to Westling, two initiatives and two referendum attempts.
Acting Fire Chief Bill Herrera explained this year’s Fourth of July fireworks rules, stating that a $1,000 fine would be imposed for violations. Any fireworks that explode, fly into the air or do not have the Safe and Sane label on them are considered illegal.
The high school football field, AND ALL OTHER SCHOOL PROPERTY, WILL BE CLOSED to the public for the Fourth this year. The city will not have a fireworks demonstration. The Fillmore Police Department will strongly supervise all fireworks activities. Fireworks may be used only from June 28 through noon of July 5th.
Gloria Hansen spoke, questioning management of the Fillmore Senior Center. She asked for the books, questioned Board membership and participation, and particular management duties. She also questioned the number of years when no board meetings were held.
The Council unanimously approved the $2,000 travel expense for each member, and eliminated the requirement for Council approval for travel outside the state.
Council recommended that the Equestrian Center lease be extended another 5 years for lessee Dillan Snow. It also chose to designate the Center as a landfill. Questions about ownership of “fixtures” at the Center remain.
The meeting ended with a foreboding announcement by Special Projects Manager, Roy Payne, concerning a new, as yet unofficial, 100-year flood plain and floodway map recently produced by FEMA. The new map shows about one third of the City of Fillmore to be located in the floodplain, which may dramatically effect development of the newly proposed business park, and insurance requirements for many home owners.
A special LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Committee) meeting in Ventura, Wednesday morning is reported to have concluded with a split decision as to whether to approve annexation of 41 acres for the new park. A decision to permit a 30-day continuance for the issue resulted.
According to Payne, if this new flood map is approved the City of Fillmore would be financially devastated. A position paper is being prepared by the City and developers in hopes that the new map will not be adopted.
Ground was broken for the new swimming pool this week. It is anticipated that the pool will be completed by January, 2009.
The final touches are being added to the high school football field’s new artificial turf. The new $30,000 scoreboard is in place as well.