Community Conversation: a Community United, Not Divided
David W. Rowlands, Fillmore City Manager.
David W. Rowlands, Fillmore City Manager.

The City Council of Fillmore wants your input. The City, working with the Conflict Resolution Institute, will be hosting a virtual Community Conversation, on Saturday, September 26 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Small break out groups will be used and we will have English and Spanish language groups and interpreters. You may participate via phone or computer.

The community conversation is designed to see how the community feels, highlight specific experiences, and understand what the next steps envision. The City Council is committed to making life better for everyone in the community. The only way that the City Council can know your experiences and thoughts is through your participation.

To register for this event the link is,

Registration is also available on the following city social media platforms – city web page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s work together to keep Fillmore the “Best Last Small Town.”