City Staff Salary Information

At last night’s city council meeting it was determined by City Attorney Ted Schneider that the following city staff salary figures are permitted for public disclosure. Following are the present and proposed salaries for Fillmore’s eight top and mid-management city staff. These figures reflect base salary and total benefits packages. Salary reviews are built into the draft budget, occurring at a 3-year cycle at management and classified level, according to Mayor Steve Conaway, with the following going into effect on July 1, 2008. They will be made final, according to Conaway, in August or September.
Fillmore City Management Level: CITY MANAGER-Present $191,018, Proposed $203,994: PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR-Present $181,031, Proposed $193,401: FINANCE DIRECTOR-Present $163,025, Proposed $174,476: FIRE CHIEF-Present $154,438, Proposed $150,875: DEPUTY CITY MANAGER-Present $138,336, Proposed $144,339: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR-Present $129,108, Proposed $134,733. Fillmore City Mid-Management Level: ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES MANAGER-Present $95,874, Proposed $100,248: COMMUNITY SERVICES SUPERVISOR-Present $88,066, Proposed $95,771. TOTAL $1.2 MILLION