City Council Seeks Applicants for Vacant Council Seat

Vacancy on City Council.
City Council Member Ari Larson tragically and unexpectedly passed away on September 17, 2021. Her City Council seat is deemed vacant as of that date. This Staff Report discusses the options available to the City Council for filling the vacancy and seeks the City Council’s direction regarding the same. Appointment: Historically, someone appointed to fill a vacancy would serve until the expiration of the predecessor’s term. Govt. Code §§36512(b), 34902(a). However, under a somewhat recent update to the law, because Council Member Larson was in the first half of her term and there are currently more than 130 days until the City’s next regular general municipal election, per Gov Code 36512(b), the appointee would only serve until the City’s election next fall has been certified – the last 2 years of Council Member Larson’s seat will need to be on that ballot. Hence, should the City Council wish to appoint a resident to the City Council to fill the vacancy, the City Council could, by a majority vote of the quorum, make an appointment whereby the appointed person would serve until the November 2022 election has been certified.

Should the City Council desire to make an appointment, staff recommends that the City Council:
1. Establish a schedule for applications,
2. Direct staff to advertise the vacant City Council seat and the application deadline,
3. Schedule the time for the City Council to interview the applicants, most likely at a
special meeting, and
4. After interviews at the special meeting city may make the appointment; or
5. Schedule the regular November 9th City Council meeting as the date on which the City
Council would make the appointment. Council decided to prepare for appointment.

A proclamation and presentation by Mayor Mark Austin on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. John Fankhauser, CEO of VCMC and Santa Paula Hospital, spoke, with Lorena Hoover, Radiologic Specialist II. The Doctor spoke of the activity at Santa Paula Hospital, and their great new equipment.

The Council accepted Planning Commission recommendation to support the design concepts of the Gateway signs and incorporate wayfinding and parking signs for the downtown area, add color to the fruit on the images, remove the “Fillmore” sign in the median once the sign is installed, attempt to use faux railroad rails and provide lights.


7-A Council Adopted City Council Resolution 21-3843 approving the Destruction of Certain Obsolete Records and directing the City Clerk to carry out this process.

7-B City Council approved by Resolution the Memorandum of Understanding between City of Fillmore and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 501 Agreement for the period of July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2024.

8-B Staff recommend, and City Council approved and introduced, the first reading of Ordinance No. 21-934, creating a new Chapter 8.10 in the FMC entitled: “AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA, ADDING CHAPTER 8.10 TO TITLE 8 (“HEALTH AND SANITATION”) OF THE FILLMORE MUNICIPAL CODE, ENTITLED “SPECIFIC REGULATIONS FOR ORGANICS WASTE DISPOSAL REDUCTION, RECYCLING AND SOLID WASTE COLLECTION,” TO ENACT REGULATIONS IN COMPLIANCE WITH SENATE BILL (SB) 1383 FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF FOOD AND ORGANICS RECYCLING AND RELATED SOLID WASTE AND RECYCLING PROCESSING AND REPORTING AND ADOPTION OF EXEMPTION FROM THE CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT” Chapter 12 of Title 14, Division 7 of the California Code of Regulations (“CCR”) requires the City adopt an ordinance of similarly enforceable mechanism by January 1, 2022. CalRecycle is mandating SB 1383 implementation through such an enforceable mechanism no later than the January 1 deadline.

FILLMORE RESIDENTS FOR THE VETERANS DAY WEEKEND CAR SHOW AND MARKET. City Council waived the application and $35 business license permit fee for the first twenty (20) Fillmore residents applying for permits to sell items during the Veterans Day Weekend Car Show and Market as shown on a list provided by the Soroptimists.

8-F Emergency repairs to WELL #8 and request Council determine emergency remains pursuant to CA Public Contract Code Sec. 22050 and authorization of additional funding. Total $350,000.

8-G Public Hearing, Santa Clara Street and Central Ave. So CA Edison Rule 20A funds and finding exemption from CEQA.