After 60 Years, Fillmore's Elkins Ranch Golf Course Announces Closure

After operating Elkins Ranch Golf Course for almost 60 years, Elkins Ranch Company regretfully announces the closure of the golf course effective September 7, 2020. With careful consideration, the company has made the very difficult, but necessary decision to close our golf course. After two decades of declining play and ever increasing expenses, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors has determined that the company can no longer remain viable with the golf course as the core of its business model.

Elkins Ranch Company is a family owned business that was founded in 1930, with farming as its sole endeavor. With the closure of the golf course, the company will return to its agricultural roots.

We are extremely grateful for the public’s support and patronage over the years, particularly our local patrons from Fillmore and the Santa Clara Valley. We are also very grateful for the outstanding staff that has made Elkins Ranch Golf Course such a special and welcoming place. We will truly miss the personal contacts, friendships and camaraderie of our customers, employees and vendors. We want to express our deep appreciation for our staff, our customers, and our community as we move into this new era.