$225,000 Grants go to Fillmore Fire Department
Pictured with the Fillmore Fire Department’s new Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus are Capt. Billy Gabriel, Firefighter Charles Dolon, Chief Rigo Landeros, Firefighter Jason Arroyo, and Firefighter Joseph Palacio.
Pictured with the Fillmore Fire Department’s new Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus are Capt. Billy Gabriel, Firefighter Charles Dolon, Chief Rigo Landeros, Firefighter Jason Arroyo, and Firefighter Joseph Palacio.

The Fillmore Film Commission (FFC) joined the Fillmore City Council's May 13, 2014 meeting to review their prior year activities, and plans they have for the coming year. At the completion of the review, the Council heard two presentations, discussed two items of new business, and three items of continued business. The new business was acceptance of a large donation by the Fillmore Fire Department and proposed Public Works Projects. The continuing business was a Council consensus on a proposed Curfew Ordinance, along with weed abatement and a contract agreement.

The Fillmore Firefighters' Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit started by Fire Chief Rigo Landeros, received two large private donation grants of $100,000 and $125,000. Both grants are attributed to the diligent work of Patrick Maynard who did the research and submitted the paperwork.

The grant monies were used to donate 27 handheld Motorola radios with desktop and vehicle charge capability valued at $95,000 to the Fillmore Fire Department (FFD). Landeros informed the Council that such radios are constantly being upgraded. The new radios comply with the upgraded Federal Communications regulations being used throughout the county and will enable FFD to communicate with other agencies.

Also, 18 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) with a value of $103,500 were donated to replace models that do not meet current National Fire Prevention Association requirements. Landeros explained that the new apparatus allows for "buddy breathing"; a firefighter can share the apparatus without having to remove their own mask and risk exposure to smoke.

The donations, which the Council agreed to and approved, were contingent upon receiving a salvage price of $50-$100 each for the old radios and $1,000 each for the SCBA's to a secondary market company that refurbishes them for sale.

The meeting began with Fillmore Film Commission Chair Carrie Broggie introducing her fellow Members Yvette Busby, Pat Couse and Paul Nielsen. Each member gave input as to the progress of the Commission. Couse informed the Council that as of last July FFC has brought $85,000 in filming proceeds to Fillmore. Other good news is that repeat filming from various companies such as HBO are returning to do projects. HBO's latest project here in town is "The Bridges." The FFC will be attending the California Locations Conference on June 28th and is presently working on a calendar that showcases Fillmore which will be sent to location scouts. The FFC's next meeting will be June 4, 2014 in the Council Chambers.

Also on the agenda was a work project list; which was approved and will be presented to the Planning Commission for the fiscal year 2014-2015. The projects will move forward if funds are available. Those submitted include public buildings, parks, bicycle and walkways, street improvement, traffic signals and sewer/treatment infrastructure.

Specific areas and locations proposed include: Fire Station/Public Yard Improvements (repaving and refurbishment); Two Rivers Park (picnic tables, benches, sun shelters, backstop, dugouts, bleachers, bicycle pump track); Two Rivers Park to Pole Creek Bicycle Path (includes disabled access ramps at selected street corners); Street Projects throughout the City; Traffic Signals (Highway 126 and Mountain View Street); Sewer/Treatment (Santa Clara Street and Ventura Street sewer line repair).

Other agenda items included a contract with the nonprofit Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society (SCRVRHS) to continue operating the Railroad Museum on City property. The approved contract is a two year lease at $1 per year and requires the Museum be open to the public forty weekends throughout the year including two week nights each month. Also SCRVRHS must post the days and hours of operation on their website and outside the museum.

The Council heard for the second time the proposed Curfew Ordinance restricting youth under 18 years during specific hours. During the January 28th Fillmore City Council Meeting Councilmember Rick Neal had concerns regarding a daytime curfew regulating minors. Neal had concern that minors who are home-schooled or attend schools on a different schedule than Fillmore Unified School District have legal rights and should not be harassed. The Council agreed and removed the daytime restriction. They then moved forward with nighttime curfew which is between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. the following day.

The meeting ended with Council Member Diane McCall announcing a special discounted price of $25 thru Sunday with "Dog on the Town" at the Ventura Animal Control, 600 Aviation Dr., Camarillo. The discounted price includes shots and license. They are open 7 days a week from 11a.m.-6 p.m.

The Council also encouraged those attending the May Festival to purchase the Presale Tickets that are available at Santa Clara St. and Central. The money collected on the presale tickets will contribute to the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce; whereas those bought during the Festival will not. Also, Thursday is Family Night and only $1 to get into the festival.