2008 FHS Graduate Kenneth Fanning In The Army
U.S. Army Private Kenneth Fanning
U.S. Army Private Kenneth Fanning

I received an email recently from the mother of a young man I have known for many years. She wrote, “I just wanted to let you know for your article that my son, Kenneth Fanning, has enlisted in the Army. He left November 16th for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He is in Echo Company, 787th Police Battalion, 14th Military Police Brigade. Today, (December 12, 2009) Kenney turned 20! It is the first time he's been away for his birthday.” Being away for a birthday for the first time in twenty years is one of those sacrifices our young men and women, and their families make for us when they serve their Country by enlisting in the military. There will also be Christmases, Thanksgiving and many other birthdays that will be missed! Although some may think this is a small sacrifice, or not a sacrifice at all, but to a mother it is a reality that can cause her pause.

Kenneth Fanning, now a United States Army Private, graduated from Fillmore High School in 2008. All of his K-12 education was within the Fillmore Unified School District. He started Kindergarten at Sespe Elementary School then transferred to San Cayetano Elementary School until the family moved to Piru where he attended Piru Elementary School. Kenneth also attended Fillmore Middle School and Fillmore High School. Kenneth and his family were very active in the Ventura County 4-H program where he raised and showed steers at the Ventura County Fair. For the last few years he was a member and the youth leader of the Santa Clara Valley Grange.

Private Kenneth Fanning is the son of Mike and Brenda Fanning of Piru. His fiancé is Sarah Warwick and they have a six month old daughter Heidi both living in Piru while he is in Basic Training. After completing his training Kenneth and Sarah will be married. Kenneth has two sisters who, with their families live in Piru; Samantha Fanning has three daughters Jade 5 years, Madison 2 ½ years, and Sadie 8 months. Sister Christina Inglis and her husband John have three children Autumn 10 years, Austin 7 years and Aiden 3 ½ years. Kenny's paternal grandparents are Martha and the late Jess Fanning of Woodward, Oklahoma. Prior to moving to Oklahoma Martha and Jess lived in Fillmore for over 30 years. His maternal grandparents are the late, Sadie Holden of Moorpark and Oscar Golden of Center, Texas.

Private Kenneth Fanning will graduate from his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Leonard Wood on April 24, 2010. Private Kenneth Fanning enlisted for eight years with the United States Army; 5 years active and the remaining 3 years will be served in the United States Army Reserves. After his 5 year enlistment ends he plans on applying with the Ventura County Sheriffs Department to be a Sheriff's Deputy. Of course this is his plan unless he decides to make the United States Army his career. Private Kenneth Fanning had a short break from Basic Training for the Christmas holiday. He was back home in Piru on the 18th of December and returned to Basic Training on January 2, 2010.

All of us here at home in the communities of Fillmore and Piru wish United States Army Private Kenneth Fanning safe travel, a successful career and we thank Private Kenneth Fanning for the sacrifices he, and his family, has already made and the sacrifices both he and his family will make in the future. United States Army Private Kenneth Fanning is truly an American Hero!