Letter to the Editor by City Council Candidate Doug Tucker

To the Editor:
I’m Douglas Tucker and I’m running for City Council. I’ve served the citizens of Fillmore as Chair of the Planning Commission and on the North Fillmore Neighborhood Committee. I believe Clay Westling, our current City Clerk, intentionally limited my ability to present myself through my Candidate Statement which will be used in the November election. The City Clerk should be unbiased, but in my opinion, his actions have been anything but. As part of my intended Candidate Statement I said “we need to put Fillmore back on track”, to which he, Clay Westling, said he didn’t like that statement and rejected my candidate statement. After re-writing my statement, Clay then proceeded to try to say that I chose to re-write my statement on my own accord and he didn’t request it. Thankfully a news reporter was present to witness this interaction with Mr. Westling. My statement that “We need to put Fillmore back on track” means more to me now than it did prior to my experience with the City Clerk. I hope readers agree that it’s time to “Put Fillmore back on track” and get it moving in the right direction again. Thank you and I look forward to your vote in November.
Douglas Tucker