Opinion: Excommunicating Christie

Written By Brett M. Decker

The day after a presidential election is a time for soul-searching for the losing party. Republicans need to look in the mirror and seriously analyze the troublesome reality that they have forgotten how to win important elections. With unemployment stuck around 8 percent, economic growth basically nonexistent and the nation suffocating from record debt, the White House should have been the GOP’s for the taking in 2012. The elephants need a new dynamic leader. It’s vital they don’t pick a RINO.

The biggest bull in the herd is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The moderate party establishment naturally gravitates toward this type of Republican in Name Only (RINO) because of his liberal positions on social issues. Mr. Christie took on the Garden State’s teacher unions, but it otherwise takes a lot of hunting to find other issues on which the governor supports the conservative line. He has a liberal record on guns, abortion, homosexual marriage and global warming, for example.

Mr. Christie is... http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/nov/7/excommunicating-christie/