A perfect storm has arrived for America. The intellectual, military, economic, moral, Constitutional, and cultural center of American exceptionalism is about to smash itself on the rocks of historic reality. Muslim jihadists, foreign and domestic, accelerate their bloody plans to force the non-Muslim world into the yoke of dhimmitude (Islamic slavery under Sharia law).

The US pursues two Middle East wars while trying to control psychotic North Korea, all of the Middle East (except Israel), most of Africa, most of South and Central America and the narco state of Mexico. Fueling, reinforcing and encouraging our enemies are our mega-enemies, communist China and the KGB robber baron dictators of Russia and its minions.

America’s military might has been whittled away to pay for trillions of dollars in “entitlements” and other unfunded social mandates. America is technically broke, bankrupt. Most of our “leaders” (including House and Senate) have neither the talent, imagination, nor experience to lead. Secretary of Defense Gates cuts the Raptor fighter plane program because, he says, this plane is no longer needed and is too expensive. Immediately thereafter both China and Russia launch the production of their fifth generation super fighters claiming they are superior to our F-22. But Gates has the time to push for an openly homosexual military! That should be a real morale booster.

NATO, our supposed partners in defense against the rapacious east, is a pathetic conglomeration of mostly European nations reluctant to fight and having little means with which to do so when called upon. Turkey has turned against America and is reverting to its Ottoman Caliphate mentality.

The worst man-made catastrophe in recent world history is spouting oil into the gulf like an undersea volcano, with no end in sight, and the president has been dithering for two months.

As I write these words the president has just removed General McChrystal in Afghanistan. McChrystal made an inexplicable error in criticizing his Commander in Chief. Experts see the General’s participation in the coming surge as critical to success. Obama should have put together some face-saving way of keeping McChrystal in charge but he didn’t have the humility to do so. We could be losing it in Afghanistan.

America has been the most blessed nation on earth; we have had everything, including the world’s most industrious citizens. 54 percent of the electorate voted for Obama. This will prove to be the greatest mistake in American history, he is utterly unqualified. He carries on the failures of past administrations, like our de facto open borders and uncontrolled criminal immigration. He is clueless in all military matters. He has no experience in administration, economics, or business. Obama is a community organizer, a slick-talking, clueless, socialist activist who has gathered a like-minded pool of incompetents to assist him in the deconstruction of our nation.

The only extraordinary talent the Obama administration has is the ability to spend our money, which it does with wild abandon. Not since the Civil War has the security of this nation been so threatened. And, instead of an Abraham Lincoln, we have a boot-licking community organizer who never met a foreign head of state he didn’t want to bow to.

Where did all the Americans go?