In case you haven’t noticed, the world is falling apart. America is technically, if not legally, bankrupt, dependent entirely upon borrowed money to continue its operations. Our country is at the mercy of a wildly spendthrift Congress led by radically liberal Democrats and gutless Republicans.

Europe finds itself in the same condition. In the Far East, only our most deadly enemy, China, has reserves exceeding a trillion US (trade) dollars in safe keeping. Mexico and all of Middle and South America is financially broken.

We are fighting two wars on the other side of the world, which actively involve hundreds of millions of bloodthirsty Muslim Jihadists determined to destroy the Great Satan through their own satanic methods.

The liberal Left has been on a roll for decades, corrupting our churches, schools, our government, and the Constitution which was created to strictly limit governmental power and assure the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity. Liberals have, for more than 50 years, diminished our Constitution through the courts and law schools, by characterizing it as a “living” or “growing” document, the meaning of which changes with the whims and fashions of our dizzy society. This liberal attitude, utterly novel to the Founding Fathers, would not work with other legal documents, such as leases, mortgages, or deeds. But liberals prefer flexibility to certainty, feelings, rather than facts. Rigid Constitutions or Commandments, make them uncomfortable. If comfort were the highest priority, our country could rest in peace under liberal leadership. Unfortunately, prolonged liberal leadership can lead to a condition of massive discomfort, even destruction.

Take the current dispute over so-called gays in the military. Since Revolutionary times, up to the infamous presidency of Bill Clinton and the definition of “is”, homosexuality in the American military has been strictly prohibited. The other strict prohibition related to women in combat. The prohibition of women in combat has been significantly eroded by the liberal Left for the past 30 years (see The Kinder, Gentler Military by Stephanie Gutmann, and Weak Link by Brian Mitchell). Both prohibitions relate directly to the combat readiness of our armed forces. Both have a huge effect on the morale of the troops, and both protect the fundamental moral and psychological wellness of our armed forces.

Bill Clinton’s first important act following his election victory was to attempt to eliminate the prohibition on gays in the military. Over the heated opposition of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the emotional warnings of then General Colin Powell against eliminating the prohibition, Clinton managed to get a new policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Today, our new president, our Secretary of Defense Gates, and our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, are pushing for an openly gay military. This is a betrayal of monumental proportions; it is a betrayal of our troops engaged in two wars, and a betrayal of this nation’s traditional understanding of moral integrity.

The obvious objections to this new policy have been made ad nauseam, i.e. serious impact upon unit readiness, troop cohesiveness, etc. And, this is being rushed into law before even consulting the troops, or the nation.

However important these issues may be, and they are indeed huge, no one is addressing the most important issue: the question of morality! Homosexuality has been anathema in Judeo-Christian civilization for 5,000 years.

I have to ask how two to three percent of the American population has garnered so much power from the other 97 percent. Why has this issue been given such a high priority in Congress? Why haven’t our troops been asked whether they wish to serve with openly gay brothers and sisters?

The military is a unique organization of dedicated citizens who have elected to place their lives on the line in the defense of their nation. It is an organization steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian tradition and mores. Put to a vote, unlikely in the military, there is no question that the vast majority would choose not to serve with homosexuals.

This is not to condemn individuals. Nor is it to seek to deprive them of rights. Service in American military forces is not a right – it is a privilege, a remarkable honor. Only politically correct liberals would force this sort of integration upon our troops.

It would be interesting to launch an in-depth survey of our troops to determine whether they want to serve with openly gay brothers and sisters. Let’s do a national survey, a very large survey, to determine what Americans expect from their military.

If that survey says that anything close to 50 percent want an openly gay military, I’m in the wrong country.

Today, I see our president, our Secretary of Defense, and our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as traitors to the Judeo-Christian tradition of our nation. As for Colin Powell, remembering his impassioned arguments against Clinton’s plan to eliminate the long-standing prohibition, and his current support for an openly gay military, I am left with a sense of profound disgust. It is a lie to base this new proposal on the idea that “Times have changed.” Styles change. Emotions change. Fads change. The Judeo-Christian Word of God is immutable – it can never change; it says love the sinner, but hate the sin. Our troops are about to be stabbed in the back by their leaders. If this proposed new policy is approved it will lead first to disorder, then disaster.