Don’t miss the Grand Opening of our new multiple award-winning, state-of-the-art water treatment plant, Saturday, May 22. It is a thing of beauty. A fish pond has been constructed on site to serve as an early warning pollution indicator, similar to the canary in the coal mine. This is truly a beautiful plant, and has become the envy of many California cities and towns. It will forever eliminate the outrageous mandatory penalties assessed against the by the Los Angeles Regional office of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. At present the city is attempting to get approval for an $80,000 per year payment plan “to satisfy the $240,000 mandatory minimum payment assessed for violations associated with the City’s abandoned WWTPL.” The plant is a triumph over six years of ignorant and emotional opposition and obstruction by the Katzenjammers.


Speaking of the Katzenjammers, they have lately launched an orchestrated strategy of complaint against the Gazette and me because of critical remarks I have made in this editorial. I could take them more seriously if they were able to demonstrate an understanding of the difference between news and opinion. But, I don’t expect this will happen since the issue has been raised many times during the past 21 years. Therefore, I can’t take their comments seriously.

During the past several weeks one Katzenjammer has told me to “watch my back.” I guess it’s time to play some spooky mood music. Several pointed suggestions have been made from the podium to the city council in an effort to damage the paper. They will fail. Other bolder tactics are afoot as well; they spice-up my life. All of this controversy because many of my editorials have been critical of the new majority on city council.

If this is evidence of how the American citizenry is devolving, we are in deep trouble. Just imagine what would happen to this country if every publisher refused to criticize public authority because they feared retaliation from the objects of their criticism. I guess we don’t have to imagine this; the American media is already in that state. It has been largely co-opted by and/or intimidated by government.

This little newspaper will never avoid controversy to appease its critics. We will continue to publish the news, and, as long as I am publisher, independent opinion as well. The Gazette remains open to all sides of different issues. We accept even harsh letters to the editor which criticize my opinions, but my editorial statements are my opinions alone and they will continue to be expressed freely.

Those of you who do not understand what I have said pose a direct threat to Constitutional freedom in this country.