You are all invited to visit our new award-winning, state-of-the-art Water Recycling Plant. I hope everyone shows up for the open house set for Saturday, May 22, 2:00-4:00 p.m. This is the time for us to learn just how sewage is treated and the water recycled throughout Fillmore. Our new plant has become the envy of many cities throughout the state.


Congratulations to the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce for putting on a great dinner ceremony for Fillmore’s distinguished citizens of the year. The citizen, police officer, fireman, student, and business of the year were all celebrated at the El Pescador Restaurant. Look for more photos on our website,


I have been asked why Realities did not run last week. The column was written but pulled at the last moment after staff members objected to what they characterized as an overly combative tone. Now, I’m not afraid of the staff, and I thought the column was the soul of reasonableness, with the milk of human kindness flowing by the quart in every paragraph. However, I was convinced to ignore the slings and arrows I received the previous week, and cool down, which I have done.

However (where would we be without “howevers”?) prior to the next election I hope publish a detailed history of city politics as they have unfolded from the time of the Northridge quake to the present. I would like to contrast the huge accomplishments of previous city councils to those of the present council majority, and explain the difference.

The Gazette will continue to respond to any false or misleading statements made by or to the Fillmore City Council. That’s our job.


Enjoy this incredibly beautiful weather!