I’ve just calculated that during the past 21 years I have attended about 546 city council meetings. This does not include the many special meetings and workshops. Some of these meetings have been memorable for the issues they resolved, others have been banal, and still others were just deadly boring.

Most council meetings since the last election have been vexatious and wholly and politically disingenuous by design. The Katzenjammer influence has resulted in a continuous state of wasteful, costly confusion.

If fun is where you find it, the show is not yet over. The next election in November promises to be truly interesting, with charter Katzenjammers Brian Sipes and Marcoz Hernandez both expected to run for Patti Walker’s and Laurie Hernandez’ council seats. Walker, this year’s appointed Mayor, is a Katzenjammer centerpiece, and has for the past 6 or more years joined Gayle Washburn, Jamey Brooks, and a host of underlings, under the tutelage of former (failed) mayor, Gary Creagle, successfully replaced virtually all top management at city hall.

This group, produced and directed by Creagle, failed to halt the water treatment plant, but did manage to push through Measures H and I, killing any hope of development in north Fillmore for decades to come. This has caused all mandated new low income housing to be shoehorned into the nooks and crannies of what’s left of open space throughout the city, guaranteeing high density, forever. Katzenjammers are not needed on the council. Sipes is a Katzenjammer. Therefore, Sipes is not needed on the council.

Sipes’ embarrassing 15-minute pitch from the dais Tuesday, to present a check to the Senior Center, was purely political. For $500 dollars he has purchased a 15-minute spot on Channel 10 which will play all week. With him and Marcoz hugging the camera at every meeting, this is a great ploy for cheap campaign face time.

If I’m proven wrong in my pre-campaign assertions, I promise to apologize.